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From The Saw This One Coming Department: High Roller Room Categories Are Now A Thing

June 4, 2014 at 12:36 PM | by | ()

In Vegas, rooms with a view often come at a premium and that's now the case for two hotels closest to the city's newest attraction, The High Roller observation wheel (which all happen to be owned by the same company).

VegasChatter fan @strong2us sent us a note to let us know that High Roller View room categories have now sprung to life:

As predicted a month or so ago on Vegas Chatter, it's happened! I booked a room in October at Harrah's and they now charge $10 more per night for a "High Roller View King Room." Even more for 2 queens or a premium room with the "view." Just thought you'd want to know it happened! Most likely at all the bordering CET properties.

We headed online to see if that last bit was true and also found High Roller tier categories at Flamingo, too. So far, the classification not been added to the websites of The Quad or Bally's, although, that's not to say it may not be in the works.

While Harrah's seems to be offering views of the world's tallest observation wheel for an upcharge of $10, Flamingo's website lists FAB Deluxe rooms starting at $40 a night with FAB Deluxe High Roller View accommodations starting at an extra $20 a night.

Archived Comments:

is it really *that* pretty a wheel?

While I can understand (okay maybe not really) paying ~$40 to see views of Vegas from the High Roller... I'm not really sure I'd $10-$20 (or more) dollars to look at the wheel....

Having said that, I guess I would pay for a view of the Bellagio fountains, so I'm not totally anti-view-upcharge... but it just seems... odd.

CET $$$ Issues

Considering the substantial debt CET has , I can see why they are doing this, although like taxes, you can only raise them so much before revenue starts to decrease.  Between the lowered Vid Poker odds, the rising resort fees, extra charges for early/late check in, Vegas may be coming to that point.

Pad that bottom line

Oddly, whenever I check into a room the agent never asks if I want a Strip view room or a room with a view. I wouldn't take them up on this as it's completely ridiculous.  

Orleans sorta doing the same thing

I just got an email from the Orleans about my upcoming reservation.  Telling me I can upgrade my Premium room to a strip view or a suite for extra money.

No thank you though...anything to get more money since apparently the casinos aren't getting the money from gambling.

All the extra fee's are getting very annoying!

"  Between the lowered Vid Poker odds, the rising resort fees, extra charges for early/late check in, Vegas may be coming to that point."

This is how I'm starting to feel now too. Even with getting free rooms with MyVegas my trips are still costing more than they did a few years ago. With the horrible gambling and paying $7 for a coffee, I have no desire to return for awhile.


Most high-roller view rooms are in the back of the house to begin with, so now Caesars is charging a premium for a strip view AND a premium for a non-strip view. That's chutzpah!

Next they'll be charging a premium for "quiet rooms" -- back-of-the-house rooms that are more shielded from nightclub noise. Then "closer to the elevator rooms." Soon the only non-premium room will the maid's closet.


I just booked the Premium HR View at Harrah's.

Calm down, it was free. As a reward for the approximately 20 minutes I've spent in Caesars properties casinos, they are giving me one of these for the price of a resort fee.

I'm tacking an extra day to the end of my July trip, and as I'll be staying/playing at MGM resorts for the first 4 nights I should have Mlife Platinum wrapped up by day 3, so I booked this kind of for the hell of it. If I have any money left at all by this check-in day I'll probably bail on Harrah's and upgrade to something else (Nobu?), but it's an insurance policy in case I'm getting low on funds.

I agree it's pretty shameless marketing, but, hell, since it's back of house the room should be pretty low on the lived-in scale and I don't really give a truck what's outside my window anyway.

High Roller View

This must be a marketing dream for hotels like Harrah's whose rooms desperately need makeovers. Now they get to charge extra for these same rooms with a view of the HR. I wonder if The Quad regrets announcing rooms being remodeled since they could now charge more for their "standard" crap room because of the view.