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The Early Word On Stays At The Cromwell

Where: 89109
June 6, 2014 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

Now that Giada is open for business, guests of The Cromwell can gamble, sleep, swim, dance, drink, shop and eat all under one fancy new roof. We've personally provided our impression that the hotel's lobby bar is "Bound" for success and highlighted a mysterious $795 thingy from the gift shop. And, while we won't belly up for a bite at Giada for at least a couple weeks, we scoured the Internets for early opinions of the hotel.

From the pages of Tripadvisor:

· Pablo V. describes the Cromwell as one of a kind and different with exceptional service.
· Tim B. proclaims it a "great addition to the Strip" after a three-night stay and wants to stay here again on his next trip.
· CourtKnows has a new Vegas fave and loves its personality, personal touches, location and boutique size that is easy to get in and out of.
· Jerry C calls Cromwell perfect and has won his business away from Cosmopolitan.
· Craig F felt reflections of old-time Sin City due to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and staff.

· C W left a positive review but warns against getting a room on the eighth floor under the club, lest you like the oomph oomph ooomph while you sleep.
· Gibono warns others not to waste their time. While agreeing rooms are "what you'd expect in a luxury hotel," his dissatisfaction stemmed from a lack of "amenities that you'd expect from a larger hotel": a coffee shop, spa and pool available every day for guests. (Ed: You know, the kinds of things you should already know the Cromwell doesn't have before you book if those are important to you.)
· Lynne A found the rooms small and dark with inadequate lighting. The peek through shower was also not a feature she cared for.
· Joan B also mentioned the dark rooms and thought the beds were too high and coffee should be in-room.

Throughout other reviews, the dark rooms and bass from Drai's are the most common complaints. Lack of a restaurant is also mentioned, presumably from guests that didn't realize they were staying either during a soft open or shortly after while Giada was still fancying up.

Have you stayed at Cromwell already? Let us know in the comments below!

(PHOTOS: Lola C. and Mary F. on Foursquare)

Archived Comments:

Lack of a restaurant?

There are, what, 50 restaurants within half a block of the Cromwell? You have to walk all of 100 feet outdoors to get to the Flamingo with 10 restaurants or so.

Not surprised...

When we were in the Cromwell casino recently, I wondered at the darkness and how that would relate in the rooms. Also, as we looked out our window from the Flamingo, we noticed that the noise from Drai's would be obvious once the party got started...it's open to everything and the sound bounces right off the Flamingo walls/windows.  At least I know what side of the Flam. to ask for next time we visit.

...upcharge to avoid the noise

I heard from a friend who stayed a Bally's recently that the noise from Drai's can be a bit much, and I imagine it is an issue at the Flamingo also.

The next excuse to add a higher price category... pay an extra $15 per night for a room that isn't on the Drai's side.  Perhaps, instead, they'll just increase the resort fee $10 per night and include ear plugs in the price.

So far the....

So far I've heard positive chatter about Giada's on opening day, hope she can bring the price down just a tiny hair. And so far the complaints I've heard is about Drai's, so many people are complaining that its nothing but an LA bro' fest. (Drai's still hasn't figured out how to get the guy/girl ratio correct to attract the high spenders, instead its turning into a new Rehab).


That's the one thing I noticed in a lot of hotel rooms: bad lighting placement.

Not sure I would expect such a small hotel to have ANY of the amenities of a large hotel such as MGM. A spa is a money losing amenity if you ask any hotel GM. I'm surprised they didn't have space for a quaint 24 hour cafe, but even Cosmo just recently opened a new Va Bene cafe on the casino floor by Vesper.

Just my two cents.

Coffee Place

I think they should have made the gift shop near check-in into a coffee/pastry place (Starbucks). A place with coffee drinks, pastries, maybe some salads and sandwiches, and gelato would have been a better use of the space.


From the above photos the rooms appear incredibly dark. Dark colors, fabrics, even lampshades.  Doctor Pappagiorgio, do you know if these photos are from a room that faces north and is under that awning? I remember previous commenters predicting those rooms would suffer from a lack of direct daytime light.