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Five Things We Love About Brooklyn Bowl

Where: 89109
June 9, 2014 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

Brooklyn Bowl is undoubtedly the second coolest thing in The Linq (after The High Roller, of course).

For those unfamiliar, it is a mid-sized music venue with a two-story bowling alley next to the stage. It also has fantastic food thanks to Blue Ribbon and offers several bars as well. As someone who has frequented many music venues around the country, this writer can say with certainty that this space absolutely captures that special thing that connects entertainers to the audience. Brooklyn Bowl is easily the most fun venue of its kind in Vegas, and we are lucky to have it. With that, here are five reasons why I love Brooklyn Bowl:

1. Sounds & Light
This place looks and sounds incredible. The sound system is perfectly tuned. The highs are crisp and the bass will rumble you to your core. While pretty loud, the music never reaches that painful, ear-ringing type of volume. In fact, conversation is still possible without shouting at each other which is something I am sure the bartenders appreciate. Speaking of bartenders….

2. Service
I have been to Brooklyn Bowl at least eight times since it opened in Vegas. I have gone to private receptions, local concerts, and big-name headliner shows. I have been fortunate enough to experience the bowling alley and have been backstage during a sold-out performance. No matter what part of the venue I visited -- as a paying customer or as a guest of a performer -- I was always given excellent service. The servers and attendants are polite and efficient. A few nights ago, I dropped a full beer onto the floor. (Sorry for party rocking too hard.) I rushed up to the bartender to tell him about my amateurish moment so no one would slip. He grabbed my empty glass and started refilling it. I informed him that I only brought it up due to my concern for the floor. He smiled and said “I am more concerned about your empty beer.” Solid!

3. Decor
The interior design of the venue is industrial chic meets circus. Banners advertising sideshow performers hang from exposed brick walls. ATMs are playfully dressed up as fortune teller machines. The wall separating the restaurant from the venue is made up of knockdown circus punks. It is fun and whimsical without overdoing it.

4. Food
Brooklyn Bowl’s menu comes from the brains of Bruce and Eric Bromberg, owners of New York’s Blue Ribbon restaurant chain as well as Cosmopolitan’s Blue Ribbon Sushi. The food is mostly composed of southern-influenced comfort food. For the sake of brevity, I will focus on the fried chicken. At a recent private party upstairs, I watched a group of people literally run toward the buffet as more chicken was brought out. It is somehow crunchy and hot without being heavy. The batter almost has an airiness to it. There is a hint of heat in the spice mix, but it doesn’t overpower the flavor. My advice? Order a platter right at the lanes and share with friends over a few frames of bowling.

5. Lineup
From the day the doors opened, the concert calendar has been stacked. Brooklyn Bowl has managed to attract top talent while keeping the types of music perfectly balanced. In the last month, we have seen Jane’s Addiction, Chance the Rapper, Colt Ford, and Cake. Upcoming acts feature Flosstradamus, The Avett Brothers, Steve Winwood, Thievery Corporation, Deer Tick, Chromeo, and Cut Copy. There are also upcoming shows for local rockers Same Sex Mary and the Dirty Hooks with no cover charge.

After the disastrous opening of what was supposed to be a great venue downtown, Brooklyn Bowl came along and nailed it from the start. Las Vegas is a great entertainment town, but it hasn’t ever really been able to attract the midsized touring band. Between Brooklyn Bowl and our other favorite venue, Hard Rock Live, that might just change. See you at the lanes.

Archived Comments:

Live in Brooklyn

Love the one here and the food is AH-MAZING

Place is Awesome.....

A little pricey for a burger and fries ($20) but I guess considering there was a rap band playing while we were eating that the $20 could be the cost of a concert ticket, and the burger and fries were "free", I would love to see a rock band there, hopefully the next time I'm in Vegas that will happen!

great service but please add light beer

great service love the music but please add some light beer and maybe some in the cans so there no spilling all over the place. rock on

Been dying

to get to this place ever since I saw a picture of the lanes. THe leather couches to hang on while bowling? I could stay here all day.


I do kind of agree on the canned beer thing. Ill disagree on the light beer thing though. Their tap list is suprisingly good.  Next time you are there try the Brooklyn Pilsner. Pretty light, but still tastes like beer.

Good but pricy, even for the strip

$28 for a fried chicken dinner? I did love the concept though. I also found almost all things at the Linq ridiculously overpriced. The rent must be unbelievable.


Great article Nick & great re-cap about Vegas's new hot venue.  I am curious about your comments about Vegas not being able to "attract the midsize touring band" and the insinuation that now that BBowl & HRLive have arrived that things may change? Believe it or not, prior to BBowl & HRLive opening, venues like Jillian's & House of Blues filled their calendars with hundreds of shows a year, many of which were mid size acts that had never played the market before. Everyone is clearly entitled to their own opinion about which their favorite venue is, but to not even acknowledge all of the mid size acts that have played the market before is just poor research or bad reporting.