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Now Online: Experience Fremont Street In A Brand New Way

June 9, 2014 at 7:58 PM | by | ()

While the Fremont Street Experience is one of the must-see attractions in Vegas, its website has long been a must avoid. Flash made it impossible for many to view it on their mobile devices while the calendar was frustratingly ineffective no matter the platform. A recent site overhaul, however, has improved the web page a hundred kajillion percent (real measurement unit).

The revamped website (vegasexperience.com) is bright, easy to comprehend and, more importantly, Flash-less and extremely easy to navigate. Click the calendar to view live entertainment options, scheduled concert events or the Viva Vision lineup. Each is listed separately in an at-a-glance format allowing visitors to access only the information they need without having to sort through everything else.

Another big plus? You can buy Slotzilla tickets via the site. The system also allows you to see just how busy the attraction is by listing available tickets for each time slot so, if you want to fly but don't yet know when, you can get a great sense of whether you'll be fine showing up whenever or if you really need to make a decision. (Social media addicts: you can also purchase Slotzilla tickets via Facebook now.)

If you're a huge fan of Downtown Vegas, you should also bookmark the site's newly added blog. It's the new baby of Scott Roeben (who also oversaw the site's makeover). You may not recognize the name, but you're probably quite familiar with his work. He helmed Caesars Entertainment's Pulse of Vegas blog before it went to shit changed directions with his departure. Expect to find regular downtown posts filled with humor, unique insights and fab photography.

Archived Comments:

Big Improvement

The new FSE website is great.Now I can check the entertainment schedule on my phone..could not on the old site.

Maintain It

I'm a frequent visitor to the FSE site.  Yeah, the old website was not very intuitive to use.  And, the new one looks better and seems easier to navigate.  However, they need to stay on top of it.  What aggravated me most about the old site was not access or format issues - but the lack of maintenance.  Information was often out of date and calendars weren't kept current.  If they fix those problems as well, I'll be a happy boy.