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Caesars To Rebrand The Quad As The LINQ Hotel And Casino

July 1, 2014 at 8:24 PM | by | ()

Another long-time rumor has become reality.

The Quad, which replaced the Imperial Palace on the Las Vegas Strip in December 2012, is already getting tuned out.

Caesars Entertainment has announced that The Quad, as part of more than $200 million worth of additional renovations, will emerge in November as LINQ Hotel & Casino, capitalizing -- of course -- on the adjacent LINQ shopping, entertainment and dining district (read: outdoor mall) next door which culminates in the soaring High Roller observation wheel.

Since being dubbed The Quad, the name has been reviled by just about everyone. Rumors of a change have been swirling since last year. There's also been talk that the old sportsbook might be turned into a nightclub so we'll need to see what happens with that.

The Quad/LINQ has been slowly renovating its 2,256 rooms and suites which should be finished this fall (rendering shown below). A new spa and pool deck will follow in early 2015. Caesars is hoping to attract millennial travelers using "social interaction" to The LINQ Hotel by "catering to the 'connected' consumer."

Tariq Shaukat, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Caesars Entertainment, hinted at all this saying, "The resort will provide guests with a highly social and connected environment, with all the great restaurants, shops and experiences available at the LINQ Promenade right at their fingertips." The LINQ. Yup, there's probably going to be a couple of apps for that.

Room rates for the Quad this month begin at $27 a night, not including the $20 resort fee. In November, when the property is officially The Linq Hotel, that jumps to $82 a night.

[Renderings: Caesars Entertainment]

Archived Comments:

holy cow

i wouldnt believe it is the same place!


I will actually consider staying here after these renovations are complete!

I don't care how much they spend...

...a dump it is and a dump it always will be. It will take more than $200m for that place to be anything other than Imperial Palace.

Rebranding only one thing......

Higher prices!!!!!


They do as good a job as they did with the Jubilee rooms at Bally's, it will be a major improvement and a viable mid-strip property.

We shall see, but it looks promising.

If they can pull

this off more power to them but they're going to need to cater to Vegas noobs because most people will always see this at IP. I might check it out though depending on how the comps are once it's renovated.

Lipstick on a pig

Did they replace the elevators? No? Good luck then...


So under that same logic you're saying the Cromwell will always be Barbary Coast or Bill's Gambling Hall? Nostalgia is one thing but blindly branding a place a dump into perpetuity because of something it once was doesn't make much sense.

Quad confusion

   SO is "THE QUAD" a code name, or just  a placeholder? Would they have to change the casino carpet with Q shape? (unless it is Q as in LinQ

Higher Prices

I rather stay at the IP for $27.00 vs the Linq for $82.

It seems nice

I have faith in this project. In my last Vegas trip I was really impressed by the new casino... It was clean, spacious, contemporary vibe, nice staff. I couldn't believe it was the same place I saw in my 2012 trip...

I'm Down

If hte place looks like the pics I'm all in. Renovations mean just that so give it a chance.

Borrowing from Peter...

...to default on Paul?

Who is lending them this money? I think Iraq bonds might be a better investment than CET...

Second that question....

....I just can't help wondering where all of this money is coming from?  And in answering FYMYAWF and the reference to Bill's/Cromwell: this can hardly be put into the same category.  Bills was completely gutted down to the footprint and practically rebuilt from scratch.  Linq/Quad will still be a random hodgepodge of unrelated and confusing towers that will require a map and skill with a Rubik's cube to find your room. The property will still be situated over an area notorious for flooding and sewage smells.  The walls will still be saturated with mold and the elevators will probably still be woefully inadequate.  The parking garage will continue to stupify and the balcony doors will probably still be rusty, dented and broken.  Good luck finding any of those problems at Cromwell.  

This is not Bills or Ballys.

Bally's while extremely dated was not in the same rotting condition that IP/Quad was/is in.  

Bill's was, as another poster stated striped down and gutted before being rebuilt into Cromwell.

CET is going to go about this in the cheapest way possible. Instead of keeping the balconies, they are removing them to save cost. Instead of installing central HVAC, they are keeping the wall units.  There is only so much you can do to fix an aging property without removing all of the old plumbing, electrical, walls, etc. This is the equivalent of buying a junked muscle car and just replacing the seat trim, paint, etc but not fixing the electrical or engine.  It might look nicer than before but it won't be nice.  

Take The Good - Leave The Bad

I personally never stayed at IP (thank goodness), but I did gamble there....ONCE. It was a dump and a half, to say the least.  However, each time I go back to Vegas(about every three months) The Quad's (Linq?  Quad/Linq?) gaming floor appeals to me more and more.  The staff are awesome, the tablet ordering is quick and pretty seamless, there are more and more machines and features...last month we spent a lot of time gaming there and really enjoyed it.   (How about those celeb impersonator/table game folk!) I probably wouldn't stay there after all of the hotel issues I've heard about, but at least it's becoming a viable gaming destination, which is more than it ever was as IP.  Let's at least give it a chance to be a better resort!

Why not Osheas

I personally enjoy the new casino layout and color scheme, etc.  However, if there going to rebrand it and renovate why not call it Osheas.  Osheas seems to be the star of the Linq and it has that instant name recognition that molds the old of Vegas with the new.  


As noted by someone else below, they gutted Bill's before the conversion to Cromwell. CET is doing nothing of the sort to the Quad. It will still be a labyrinth with glacial elevators, and the rot in the hotel isn't limited to the rooms. If they don't strip the entire place back to the bare walls it will revert to dumpdom within 3 years.

Catalyst Bar

I have spent several hours playing video poker at this bar by the Sports Book at The Quad. The bartenders are very friendly and usually refill my drink without even asking. When they get a chance they stop and talk and put on a good show while mixing the drinks. The Catalyst and O'Sheas are two must stops when I visit Vegas, which is usually every month or so.

I want to believe but.....

I want to believe that this will be a nice hotel once done but it's all piecemeal (casino and bars are Hugely improved over old IP days) and I have the following thoughts.  This is not a rant...just a reality check.  I want it to be really nice as it's near the Ghiradelli's and other Linq shops and High Roller.  Prove me wrong (and I think this is one of the properties now owned by Caesers Growth Partners now which is only partially owned by CZR) so there shouldn't be an issue with getting funding to do these things.

Issues I see already in the pictures of the external and internal room renderings:

Move the outside wall to the outside edge i.e. SLS.  Double or triple pane it and use the Wynn cleaning system so no one is out there at weird times washing it.  If you don't you'll have pigeon grunge on that ledge and no way to clean it since the access window is now closed.

Close the "basement" rooms or the old Flamingo Capri rooms that look at the parking structure.
Redo the elevator banks and room numbering, getting to your room or the pool shouldn't be a maze if a sign is missing...and train the staff if someone is lost to "escort them to the room"...it's all about customer service.

Make sure your security is fantastic, too much history here. No need to repeat it. Room security is paramount...people will not stay if they don't feel secure.

If that mirror is correct am I seeing a storage wall with a curtain to pull in front of it?  Yikes...enough said there.

Pool deck looks nice, but boulder wall that blocks 10-15' back wall of something else is now gone..need something nice to look at there...maybe outside beach long bar with bikini / boardshort flair bar staff. Looks like old IP pool shape is still there and they didn't show the jacuzzi side so not sure of that either.

Parking garages...please please please these are close to old downtown fremont garages. Tight and spaces made for compact cars. SUV/Trucks in Compact spots mean two spots are taken and they stick out too far in the back. Look at Paris or Planet Hollywood / Miracle Mile Shops / Elara garages for ideas.

Last thing...really. I want to see the bathroom plans...really please make it large and nice...double sink...separate room for WC/toilet...separate shower and soaking tub.

Visiting the Quad or whatever

I have been there, done that and won't do it again.  Parking was horrible, the shops were pretty lame, machines were super tight and everything was really expensive.  The only place i had a really good experience was at the Yardhouse, and i can much easier access the one at the Town Square.  I have not seen the rooms but can only imagine that they are tight, nicely furnished but still the old imperial palace footprint.  Tight and small.


The Capri rooms were demolished when they started construction on The Linq.  I am sure the great river that runs through the parking garage remains when it rains, however.


Couldn't they replace at least one of those very slow elevators? Or the escalators that are always malfunctioning?


I was excited.  Then I saw the picture.  Does anyone see that damn old school air con unit?  Lets me know that their "renovations" aren't as great as we think the will be.  Well at least not 82 dollars a night plus 20 dollars resort fee.  

It's a budget-friendly hotel...

...in a fabulous midstrip location getting a solid clean-up and refresh. What's not to love about that?

The market will determine whether that $82/night stands. I doubt it, except for times of peak demand.

Now that TAG is open...

And if the elevators are replaced, I might stay for a couple days.

You get what you pay for

The IP/Quad was always the cheapest place on the Strip, you stayed there, you got what you paid for but if you didn't spend much time in the room, it didn't matter. I've stayed there plenty - we have an annual event there - never had a problem with a room or with the staff.  Nothing fancy but I sure didn't expect it to be. Yes, elevators are dreadfully slow, they need to fix that.

As far as getting lost is concerned...I find this hotel very easy to get around in, it's logical and at 19 floors, I like knowing I can walk down the stairs if I have to.

You don't like it, there are lots of complaints, then just don't bother to give them your business, go to the Venetian or the Palazzo or the Wynn and be happy. You stayed at the IP/Quad for a reason, it doesn't make sense to spend a pittance and be unhappy because it did not meet your lofty expectations.

Sorry about the rant but you get what you pay for and that's what you got.


The rooms look very nice. Very spacious.