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Why We're Loving TAG At The Quad

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
July 7, 2014 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

When corporations write press releases and marketing materials, they often focus on what matters most to them. They're sometimes more concerned with filling a buzzword quota more than focusing on what makes the product, in this case a bar, unique. The first paragraph of the description of TAG Bar at The Quad (soon-to-be The LINQ Hotel) fits that bill and it's not right.

TAG Lounge and Bar in Las Vegas revolutionizes the traditional gaming floor into a state-of-the-art interactive gaming lounge with cutting-edge digital casino games, touchscreen table top gaming units and a unique hologram blackjack table, as well as a beverage list of more than 300 beers and sports from around the world, streaming 24 hours.

Buzzword, buzzword, buzzword... 300 beers... buzzword is how this writer read the description. What is really unique about TAG is that you can gamble while drinking great beer served by a staff of knowledgable bartenders. Instead, there's a description of a bar that's not very unique. They have new TVs like most bars, a sports scoreboard like most bars, and digital casino games you can find all across the Vegas Strip. Where they standout is the 300 beers. What makes it even more awesome is that those 300 beers can be COMP'D if you're playing video poker.

Surely, Caesars Entertainment doesn't want everyone to know customers can get a great selection of beer for no charge, but that is really what separates TAG from most other bars on the Vegas Strip. Most of the beer bars in Vegas are just bars. There's nothing wrong with that, but gambling while drinking great beer is something special for any beer drinker in Vegas. TAG is one of the few where you can drink craft and imported beer while playing video poker.

The beer menu is so big they had to separate beer by both location and type. My goal was to have every beer from Belgium on a recent visit. That didn't happen as the alcohol content made the mission end early. That's okay, there will be more attempts.

A 24-ounce Westmalle Trappist Ale from Belgium is normally not comp'd since it's so large, but since a friend and I were both playing video poker and shared it, it became available for no additional charge. While this beer gets a 96 of 100 on Beer Advocate, I probably wouldn't get it again. It was good, but there are others.

While the giant bottle of beer was fun, most people will enjoy normal 12-ounce beers. You won't find the majority of these beers at any other bar with video poker on the Vegas Strip. If you're not a gambler you'll be happy to know that most of the 12-ounce beers are under $10. What's as impressive as the selection of beer is the fact that the staff has tried most of the beer. If the bartender hasn't tried a beer, you'll see them snag a taste by dipping a straw in the glass. Before heading out into the 110-degree heat after my recent visit, our awesome bartender Theresa recommended a combination of a grapefruit beer/soda and a shot of vodka. Whoa.

It was a strange, but awesome combination. The added flavor from the orange vodka was a citrusy blast in the mouth. Their "Hop'tails" are a combination of spirits and beer. Some of these concoctions may seem strange, but still taste great.

TAG offers such great service and quality of beer that you might think you're at a luxury hotel bar and not The Quad or The Linq Hotel or Imperial Palace -- whatever you want to call it. Craft beer is officially a "thing" and there are many bars and restaurants expanding their beer selections because of it. That's great for any beer drinker. If you dig through all of the useless buzzwords on The Quad website, you'll find TAG might be the best beer bar on the Vegas Strip. You can access TAG from inside The Quad or through the Linq promenade.

Archived Comments:

Definetly stopping by

I love all the craft beer bars popping up on the strip.  And even better that you can get this comped.  I remember being at Osheas a couple months back to grab a drink with my wife and the bartender said well I can charge you or you can each throw a five in to the video poker machine and we'll comp you.  I was psyched at that point to get some abita beer comped for such a minimal donation to the machine, but this sounds even better with the huge beer selection.  Can't wait to check this place out in a few weeks.  Thanks for the article.


I sat at the video poker bar at the Cromwell for a cocktail and some smart phone time right after it reopened. I waited a long time for a bill and one never came. When I finally asked for the check, the bartender said it was comp'd for play. When I sheepishly admitted to not having played, she just shrugged. I now love that bar. lol


Cromwell bartenders were nice to me. They hide their awesome beer selection. Shhhh. :)

It's time for a drink

I am going to hit these two bars up when I come into town in October.


I also tried the grapefruit beer/soda and a shot of vodka combination and it was great.

One of my regaular stops now

As someone who works on the strip, this place has become one of my go to places behind Sin City Brewing CO as in at least once a week and had no clue they'd comp the good beers there although I don't gamble much, but that gives me more incentive to. Had the Ruination made by Stone last time and highly recommend for you hop heads out there and Happy Camper out of NM was a pleasant surprise which was featured on Breaking Bad I guess. I now try a new beer each time followed by one I can count on if it doesn't work out.


Would never have checked this place out if it was not for Vegas Chatter..thanks again for the good work

Great news

Love me some VP & comped Craft Beer.  The Bourbon Street Lounge at Orleans usually has about 6 or 7 great IPAs on tap including locals like Tenaya Creek.  They taste so damn good when they are free.


Good to know about The Orleans. I don't get there much. Thanks for the tip. BTW, Tag also has Tenaya Creek if you're a fan.

Beer List

Where can someone find the complete beer menu?  I was excited to see this article written but only slightly disappointed when the beer menu wasn't reported.

La fin du Monde!

comped?!@!! damn why didnt I know about this when I was there early July! Will definately check this out next visit. Hopefully the VP paytables arent too bad. Although after a few good brews...who can tell!


If every article was like this, there is no way I could wait until Nov 2016 to hit up Vegas again! Nicely done.