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It's Already Time To Start Thinking About That 2015 Trip To Vegas

August 19, 2014 at 4:17 PM | by | ()

Itís not even Labor Day weekend, but itís already time to start planning for 2015. Whether youíre a bargain hunter or just a neurotic planner like this writer, youíre always looking for an excuse to plan your next fun experience. When it comes to planning Las Vegas vacations, there are always times when everyone knows it will be busy. New Year's Eve, The Big Game, March Madness, Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend are among the busiest. Cinco de Mayo weekend is also a big one because thereís usually a big boxing match and the Kentucky Derby†to go along with all the Cinco de Mayo parties.

In between these busy periods, youíll find some less expensive times of the year to visit Las Vegas. My favorite time of year is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (not counting when National Finals Rodeo moseys into town). Itís relatively†quiet (for Vegas) and hotels are less expensive. Even living in Las Vegas, I†still take a few days off to enjoy the Strip while it isnít as crowded. I like when the hospitality industry isnít run so ragged by the constant barrage of tourists and they can pay a little more attention to me. Iím a real fancy boy like that.

Outside of major holidays, Las Vegas is home to many conventions, both large and small. When the bigger conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are in town, hotel room availability drops and prices are more expensive†than usual. Thatís the old law of supply and demand. Have no fear! The neurotic planner is here with details on some of the notable conventions of 2015 (i.e., times to avoid).

January 6-9: Consumer Electronics Show will bring 155,000 attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the biggest convention of the year and just about every hotel will be close to capacity. If you're in town for the show, you might want to look at hotel rooms in Downtown Vegas.

Jan 20-23: Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show (a.k.a., the SHOT Show) will host 61,000 attendees at the Sands Convention Center.

January 21-24: The Adult Entertainment Expo/AVN Adult Expo 2015 (a.k.a. the porn convention) will tease 25,000 attendees at Hard Rock.

Feb 15-19: The Western Veterinary Conference will host 14,000 attendees at Mandalay Bay Events†Center. Large (but not huge) conferences like this one often have many attendees staying at the host hotel.

April 28-May 3: The Western Psychological Association will see around 1,600 attendees at Red Rock Resort. Not all conferences are in your typical conference centers on or near the Vegas Strip. Like the Western Veterinary Conference at Mandalay Bay, this conference may book almost all of the hotel rooms available at Red Rock Resort. You'd want to plan accordingly.

You can bookmark this list of conventions in Las Vegas†for your Vegas planning needs. If you want to compare conference size to how many rooms a hotel has, you can reference this list from Vegas Today And Tomorrow. Itís a bit old so it may not be entirely accurate, but it will give you a good approximation of what will be available and why prices may be higher than usual.

The coming year will also bring Rock in Rio and an anticipated 300,000 attendees to Vegas over two consecutive weekends in May. Rates are already higher for those dates and could soar higher.

Now, who's ready for 2015!?

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Archived Comments:

My 2014 trip is in October...

but will head your scheduling advice for the 2015 trip!

Should have been 'heed your advice'

Great advice, but there is one other...

NASCAR weekend, usually sometime in February or March, has a big red flag by it in my annual planner. Especially if you want to spend any time on Fremont.


Good point. NASCAR peeps take over.


The CES coincides with my birthday.  I've always avoided going in January for that reason, but I'm going to book the Delano from January 3-5 and fly home on my actual birthday.  The rates are great for those three nights.

Thanks for this..

was thinking about when my next trip there will be in early 2015, and this helps!

Love the week before Christmas

We used to do a post Christmas trip and even one new years event, but usually before Christmas wins out.  Rates are great, its much less crowded, and I always enjoy that winter trip because you can do so much more exploring during the day rather than sitting by the pool.  

Keep in mind those days leading up to Christmas a lot of restaurants and shows are closed down, and/or restaurants/bars close real early.  We've been to bars on the strip on a friday or saturday shutting down at 10 pm so your plans need to be flexible at times.

My other 2014 trips...

Are in November and December. :)

Finally broke the twice a year mode!

Thanks for the convention info. That will help for 2015 planning.

Coming back

for Super Bowl weekend as usual.. decided to make it my 3rd year in a row.. Car rental and room rate was really good booking early.


We'll be coming back to Vegas next year, staying at the Stratosphere. This will be our sixth visit from England since 2006, and we couldn't decide on The Strip or Fremont St. so we decided to go in the middle! Already booked a limo tour and a table at the Top of the World restaurant. Unfortunately, because of the rising air fares and extortionate resort fees, this could well be our last visit (unless I win big!!!!)

Feb 15

Already had my Feb 15 trip booked when we went to LV in May this year.  An if I have my way, I will have Xmas/NYE 15 booked there as well before I head out in Feb!

Cannot wait to be back!


Might be on the same flight!!!

"The Big Game"?

I realize you are trying to use one of the non-trademarked terms for Super Bowl, but IIRC, when the NFL tried to trademark the term "The Big Game," they discovered that it was already owned, presumably by some combination of the Regents of the University of California and Stanford University.  (The term being used for the annual Cal-Stanford football game apparently predates the NFL by about 20 years, and the Super Bowl by about 65.)  The XFL also had to change the name of its championship game from "The Big Game at the End."

How about the "Football Final", or the "Professional Football Championship" (can't use NFL any more than you can use Super Bowl), or "That Game Being Played on the First Sunday in February - you know the one we're talking about"?

2015 Trip

March Madness is where its at!

Best of all worlds (if crowds aren't your thing)

It's a beautiful thing that the calendar dates with the least expensive airline tickets usually  coincide with dates in which a free room comp will be offered.  

Plus, you never have to worry about planning too far ahead, or worry that you will unknowingly pick a time that is on schedule for the maximum number of insane people to be in town all at the same time.

No offense to the insane.

Not this year

I'm skipping Vegas this year and heading to Reno. I'm tired of upscale.

Kentucky Derby weekend

Something extra special about Kentucky Derby weekday in Vegas. One of the best crowds in town all year. Very pleasant weather too.


Meant Kentucky Derby weekend. Was thinking about my mint julep on Derby day!