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Strip Changes In 18 Pics

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August 26, 2014 at 7:28 PM | by | ()

The Strip of today is not the Strip of tomorrow. And, when we say tomorrow, we don't just mean the near|distant future, we mean tomorrow tomorrow.

On-going construction continues to bring us a slightly different Vegas each day. Last week, we checked up on six different projects, from the tear-down of a never-completed resort to a casino remodel. The 18 photos below, snapped by Greg C. and @paperposter, were captured between August 19 and August 22. So, yeah, expect five of these projects to be slightly more advanced today.

The Harmon


At The Harmon, the latest phase of a year-long demolition brings a crane and black barrier drapes. The condo-hotel never opened due to construction errors.

Grand Bazaar Shops


Caesars Entertainment has been mysteriously mum on this project for sometime now. The outdoor mall is expected to begin opening this fall. A more specific timeline has yet to be announced.

*p.s., someone please water the trees!

Caesars Palace

We believe construction that's cut into the Strip-facing facade around the dome below is related to the new mega-club that will replace PURE. The still unnamed nightlife venue will debut early 2015.

The Quad

(soon-to-be The Linq Hotel)

Before The Quad morphs into The Linq Hotel it's getting a horrifying paint job. Let's hope the new room remodel is much more pleasing. The resort will take on its newest name October 30.

Casino Royale

The budget hotel-casino is spending big bucks ($14 mil) to renovate and expand its entire northern flank. Construction will bring back Denny's and add a Walgreens in 2015.


(Casino Floor Improvements)

Harrah's recently completed a remodel of its casino floor. VegasChatter reader @paperposter snapped the below images and reports a revamp of the high-limit room and the opening of a new casino bar, among the many noticeable changes.

(Photos: Greg C., @paperposter)

Archived Comments:

Maybe I'm the only one...

...but I like the new facade color for the Quad, er Linq

Me too.

Any way to make the Linq not look like the IP is awesome.  The crazier the better.  I'd take that giant surfboard thing away from the Fashion Island and shove it thru the center of the IP.


Did they turn loose a bunch of GAYS on the Quad paint job? Damn! Who approves that crap? Oh... wait!

Also like the linq paint

I also enjoy the linq paint job.  I don't know it looks fun, unintimidating, and i think it actually complements a new brighter more colorful inside.  Along with the colorful vortex outside I feel as though it works.  

So much construction

Last year when we were in Vegas the Cromwell was under construction and the area up by NY NY and Monte Caro and The Ling.  Should be a real interesting trip this year with ALL of the new construction going on in the center strip!

yes the gays have taken over

watch out when your in the restroom someone might touch your butt, what a moron you are

How did the Harmon

get that close to completion before 'construction errors' were found?

Don't they inspect buildings during every step of construction?

@front line winner

It was found that construction reports were being falsified by a third-party inspector.


Wow! Crazy.

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A new Walgreen's at Casino Royale, a new Walgreen's across from SLS, a Walgreens at Palazzo, a Walgreens at MGM, a Walgreens by the Cathedral... not to mention the CVS stores on the strip...

I know it's beating a dead horse... but when do we get to a point where these Drug/Convenience stores don't make financial sense?  When there's one in every casino?

Hawaiian Village

Hawaiian Village

Is there no vision for the sprawl conspires to be the Hawaiian Village, and that incredible slum next door south?


That is really great. My favourite is the Casino Royale colours.