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Lion's Share Hits At MGM Grand For $2.4 Million, Winner Inserted $100

Where: 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd. [map], 89109
August 23, 2014 at 8:50 PM | by | ()

So many people who can now say they came this|close to realizing the seemingly impossible.

Before this VegasChatter writer was a regular contributor to the site, I was a reader of its content and definitely fell for this year's April Foolís joke for about a half of a second. When I read the Lionís Share slot at MGM Grand machine hit on April 1, I was about to send the story to friends when I noticed the dateÖ the joke was almost on me!

For those of you unaware of the Lionís Share lore, itís a slot machine thatís been ďoverdueĒ to hit. It hasn't had a jackpot in some 15 years. According to gaming mathematician Michael Shackleford, the probability of winning the jackpot is roughly 1 in 20.5 million. Well, last night around 11 p.m., Walter Misco became Mr. 1 in 20.5 million when he hit for $2.4 million on the progressive machine.

Las Vegas Review-Journal gossip Norm Clarke reports Misco put in $100 at the bidding of his wife to go and win it all. Five minutes later, he did. Norm says the 66 year old raises horses outside Manchester.

Not so ecstatic? The couple next in line according to Clarke:

This writer is no odds specialist, but it seems the odds of the Lionís Share machine hitting right before SLS Las Vegas opened on the north end of the Strip are even slimmer! Obviously, this was a situation of chance, but itís amusing the rival casinos would have such important events at nearly the same time.

Over the years, there's been conflicting stories about whether the eventual jackpot winner would also walk away with the slot machine. We're still trying to confirm that at this hour.

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Archived Comments:


In the UK? Or somewhere in the US?

amazing cant believe it

also really happy for someone who won it they should be given a key to las vegas for a day LOL

Manchester, NH

I had already made plans to play it on Sept. 15. Dammit.

Manchester, Nh, USA

It's New Hampshire, about an hour from Boston.

Original RNG chip or not?

My guess is MGM and Konami changed the original RNG chip in there that was probably defective. Always be careful playing the machines, those chips are programmed by humans who can make mistakes (or intentionally leave out the winning combination like has happened in Laughlin and even in Vegas!).


We should find another slot machine that  has not hit for awhile and has a high payout. Other then the Megabucks slots.

sighhh. where are you lady luck.

I know only too well how the asian couple from seattle feel. I was in the cashier queue waiting for change to play lions share the last time this jackpot hit in  July 1997. Ironically, if my memory serves me correct, jackpot was at a very similar level last time it went off.

Made the trip to vegas in june this year and dropped $100 into this machine which was the amount i was originally intending to spend back in 1997.


Iknow of plenty of machines that aren't hitting in LV!


Just 12 hours earlier, we stopped to play this machine twice. Put $320 in and cashed out with $200 right before brunch, and then put another $180 in after brunch. Later that night, we thought about stopping in again after seeing Carrot Top, but figured it would have been too crazy. Had we gone, we would have been there when it hit! We may have even been the ones to hit it!!!  So close, yet so far!!!!!!!!!

Where is the next one?

Which machine, in town, becomes the new dream machine?


Hope they are able to keep the machine!  I just looked and that still hasn't been decided.