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Hit Up $10 Boutique Stores For The Things You May Have Left at Home

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May 7, 2009 at 2:34 PM | by | ()

Talk about Cheap Vegas. TI has a store (above) in the back of its casino (near the Mirage-TI tram exit) where everything in the store is just $10. You can get all your Vegas souvenirs here for just $10 as well as accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, sandals, wallets, and watches. Not sure we want to rock around Vegas in a $10 watch but hey, it is a recession!

Now, as the store's name promises, everything is actually $10 even so make sure what you are buying is worth $10 that you could easily spend on slots or blackjack or drinks. A small picture frame might not be worth 10 bucks but if you forgot to pack a little clutch for your night out at the clubs, buying one here is totally worth it.

And just in case you aren't staying near TI, There's also one at the Luxor next to the buffet and inside The Excalibur in the Castle Walk. Others can be found inside the MGM Grand in the Starlane Mall, the Monte Carlo's Street of Dreams, and the New York, New York's Soho Village. If you missed one of these during your stay on the Strip, there's one at McCarren Airport in the D Gates. Now get shopping!