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Baccarat Tournaments Coming To Palazzo

Where: 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. S. [map], 89109
September 12, 2014 at 2:32 PM | by | ()

The Palazzo will be home to the third annual Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship later this month and again in October. Entrants will have the opportunity to win a share of $10 million. The tournament is actually 2-in-1 and entry is anywhere from $0 (yes, free) to $250.

The Golden Dragon Baccarat Tournament will take place September 26-29 and October 3-6. The tourney features a $30,000 daily cash prize pool. Grazie Members receive one complimentary entry per day. Each player is allowed unlimited re-buys for $50. The top three daily finishers will automatically advance to a semi-final round on October 12.

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$5 Video Blackjack At Venetian Has Great Rules

May 13, 2014 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Hey, girl... (in your best Ryan Gosling impersonation)

It could be tunnel vision, but ever since Venetian switched low limits blackjack to pay 6:5, the games are virtually empty. In fact, besides on the weekend, all of the low limits tables that aren’t craps seem eerily quiet. The high limits 3:2 blackjack games, however, have been doing brisk business as usual. Nothing has changed there.

While walking towards the beautiful sportsbook recently, this writer noticed the Dealers Angel blackjack machine. This video blackjack machine has seats for five players, but nobody was playing when I walked by. A quick check of the rules showed that this video blackjack game paid 3:2 for blackjack and that the dealer stays on 17. These are great rules for the player. Even better is that the minimum bet is $5. This video blackjack game is one of the best low limits blackjack games you’ll find anywhere in Vegas.

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How And Where To Earn Players Club Rewards

March 20, 2014 at 4:48 PM | by | ()

Players clubs are simple on the surface: gamble a little in the casino and get rewarded with comps and discounts on your next visit. Of course, nothing is ever so simple. Every players club is different so let’s look at how players clubs work and how to get the best and most rewards. One hundred dollars spent is no longer the same at every casino and hotel.

Just about every business in America has a “loyalty club.” Car rental agencies, coffee shops, supermarkets and hotels all have their own way of rewarding addiction customers. Buy 12 cups of Starbucks coffee and get a 13th free. Woohoo! That’s a sweet $2.50 savings after spending $30 on coffee.

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Get Ready For The First Global Players Club

September 18, 2012 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

There is major globalization happening before your eyes with The Venetian and The Palazzo and it all began publicly with a sign. Literally. When we toured the beautiful new poker room at The Venetian the sign really stood out. A sign that brands the room as the Sands Poker Room.

On the surface, that may not seem like much, however, this is just the beginning of LVS (Las Vegas Sands) tying together their global company. Earlier this month, LVS chose Madrid, Spain for its "EuroVegas" project and, in the past few years, LVS has focused their efforts outside of United States by opening the following properties:

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Changes Are Coming to MLife

August 6, 2012 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

MLife is changing their players club on October 1 and, of course, it will remain a little confusing. Like with all players club changes, MLife says the changes are to make your experience better. While there is some good information presented, changes to players clubs are rarely for the good of the player. Here are the some details:

The rolling expiration date for tiers and Tier Credits will be replaced with one set expiration date per year - October 1. If you advance to a higher tier before that date, you'll enjoy those tier benefits for at least a year!

The higher your tier, the more points and Express Comps you will earn at all M life destinations. We have broken it down by the percentage of Bonus Points and Express Comps you earn as you reach each new Tier Level:
• Pearl - 10% Bonus
• Gold - 20% Bonus
• Platinum - 30% Bonus
• NOIR - 40% Bonus

You'll still earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned at M life destinations in Las Vegas, 2 tier credits for every base point earned at Beau Rivage or Gold Strike Tunica, and 1 tier credit for every base point earned at MGM Grand Detroit.

Continue to use Express Comps at M life destinations for hotel, dining, and entertainment - or save them for an exclusive M life Moment. Express Comps earning will be limited to $5,000. NOIR members may earn up to $10,000 in Express Comps. NOIR advancement will be by invitation.

Look for more about these exciting changes in future M life communications. Thank you for being part of M life, and for giving us your valuable feedback.

Here's how positively MLife compares themselves to other players clubs in Vegas:

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Grazie Gives Points For Eating, Sleeping and Shopping, But There's An Asterisk Attached

March 14, 2012 at 6:03 PM | by | ()

Personally, we don't gamble consistently enough at any one resort to pay attention to the details of Players Club rewards. We tend to stick our card in a slot machine to play a few bucks and not sweat the points. Brand loyalty may be more foreign to us than some readers (and writers) much to the chagrin of the casinos, but we aren't expecting to be comped any more than the next guy, either.

A year ago the Venetian and Palazzo's Grazie chopped comps for everyone except its most highly rated players. We didn't plan to alter our behavior at Sheldon's properties due to the changes since we have a crush on the place and as mentioned don't gamble for the rewards.

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Identity?

December 12, 2011 at 11:56 AM | by | ()

We love having some kind of VIP status at the casinos. It's a nice little perk that we get for helping to build these enormous casinos. Since we come from the East Coast much of our casino time has been centered around Caesars Entertainment properties in Atlantic City. After moving west, we've kept our Total Rewards Diamond status intact since it treats us so well.

Whether we're getting room upgrades, valet access when it's closed to most, line skips or complimentary drinks at a Diamond Lounge, we're always happy to have the access and to share with our friends. Last year, Club Grazie was offering an upgrade to Gold status if you had a premium card from another casino. Of course, we upgraded. Unfortunately for us, we've gone most of the year without playing much at Venetian or Palazzo and forgot about the upgrade and its discounts and perks.

It's been a while since we've seen an upgrade promotion in Vegas (they're normal practice in Atlantic City) but now the Cosmopolitan has decided to get into the game. You can upgrade your Identity players club status from Silver (the base level everyone receives) to one of their premium cards (Gold or Platinum) simply by visiting the Identity desk and asking for the upgrade.

We couldn't find any information on the Cosmopolitan website, but we did get confirmation on the promotion via Twitter where Cosmo recommends that you may want to call the Identity desk for more information if you plan on visiting in the future. We did find some added information about what the upgrades provide on LasVegasVegas.com.

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$25K Gets You Special Seats At The Venetian's Sportsbook

November 29, 2011 at 2:24 PM | by | ()

We took our first trip to watch pro football at the brand new Venetian sportsbook last weekend. Even though we got to the games at 8:30, seats were already hard to find because almost one third of the sportsbook was empty.

Confused? Well, seats were scarce because many of the available ones were reserved for VIPs. They were not reserved for Venetian high rollers, but for Cantor Gaming high rollers.

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Inside The Gold Club Lounge at The Venetian

November 22, 2011 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

We've been making use of the WiFi at the Venetian pretty often these days but, to be frank, we haven't gambled much there in the past year. With comps slowed or taken away we just figured our dollar would go farther elsewhere. We've played so little that we forgot that we received an upgrade to Gold for our Club Grazie account last year when Venetian was upgrading players that have upper tier players cards from other casinos.

When checking out what benefits we receive with our Gold card we found out about The Gold Club Lounge. The Gold Club Lounge is located inside of the Sands Slot Salon (a.k.a. the high limits slots room) and is their version of a VIP room, similar to a Diamond Lounge at Caesars properties for Diamond level Total Rewards players.

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Grazie! The Venezia Tower Now Has WiFi

November 16, 2011 at 12:18 PM | by | ()

We can hardly believe it took this long but the Venezia Tower at the The Venetian has finally equipped all of its 1,000 rooms with wireless internet. Previously, the rooms only allowed ethernet access.

The charge for internet is still a part of the $17 (soon to be $20) resort fee but now you no longer need to be tied to your desk to check your email. And hopefully, since the rooms are fitted with an entirely new WiFi network that the signal here works better than in the Venetian and Palazzo towers.

While the Venezia Tower boasts its own private pool and has the delicious Bouchon restaurant at the foot of the building, the rooms are not open to the general public. These days, they are reserved for their Club Grazie members. Our in-house Club Grazie member found rooms available for this weekend for $339 a night. Hey, big spenders!

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Station Casinos Improves Boarding Pass Players Club

September 14, 2011 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

Our week started with the rumor of Station Casinos changing their Boarding Pass players club and after a little digging we found those rumors to be true. Today, Station Casinos officially announced their changes to Boarding Pass. The reach of Boarding Pass is expanding, giving cash back and making it easier to gain points and achieve higher statuses.

The first change is that Station Casinos is expanding the program to officially include Fiesta and Wildfire for one unified card to that can be used at 18 casinos, more than 50 restaurants and all of the other venues at the casinos.

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Is Club Grazie Making a Comeback?

June 16, 2011 at 6:05 PM | by | ()

We were walking through Palazzo recently and noticed a few things that were different, including a setup for a slot tournament.

Slot tournaments usually aren't geared to the most "highly rated players", so maybe the (Venetian and the Palazzo are both beginning to rethink their Club Grazie comp policy and marketing to their medium rollers again.

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