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Are Dirty Rooms Another Side Effect of Booking Condotels in Vegas?

Where: 2600 W Harmon Ave [map], 89109
April 5, 2011 at 6:56 PM | by | ()

We're somewhat willing to give a pass to Vegas hotels for poor housekeeping skills since there's thousands upon thousands of rooms in each hotel and the city's tourism economy still has hotels scrimping and saving where they can. (Note: We're somewhat willing to give them a pass, somewhat.)

Yet a reader recently wrote in about an experience at Vdara that sounds more like it would happen at, oh, we don't know, say Caesars Palace?

Vdara is just a little over a year old and its spacious suites (all have at least a mini-kitchenette) and nongaming attributes lend itself to a more refined Vegas traveler. The type who would probably visit CityCenter for its art rather than its Haze nightclub. So we were surprised to hear this is what greeted one visitor when they walked into their room the other week:

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When Booking A Deal At A Condotel, Read The Fine Print

Where: 3600 W. Harmon Ave. [map], 89158
April 4, 2011 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Over the weekend, we were randomly wandering around the internets when a deal for Vdara caught our eye:

"$99-$110 -- Suite at 5-Star Las Vegas Resort incl. Weekends*"

99 bucks including weekends? We were shocked, and also itching to book and fast, but nerds that we are we kept reading first and that's where we went aha.

Although it was a Travelzoo offer, our first indication something was off was the math:

"Vdara, part of the new CityCenter complex people are buzzing about, slashed rates by 50% on stays through July. This 5-star hotel offers suites for:

$99: Sunday-Thursday nights
$110: Friday-Saturday nights"

While sometimes it's not uncommon to see rates of more than $200 per night at Vdara especially on the weekend, the average price is more around $149 to $179 a night (and sometimes as low as $119) so a rate cut of 50 percent isn't quite working here.

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