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Just One (Last) Dish: Beef on Weck at Naked City

Where: 4608 Paradise Rd [map], 89169
July 30, 2015 at 8:15 PM | by | ()

Naked City Pizza is most well known for its...wait for it...pizza. And if you've had it, you can understand why. The quality of the pizza is a good representation of the rest of the dishes. Everything owner Chris Palmeri does is stellar.

Palmeri, a native of Buffalo, is doing Western New York proud with his very true to form version of the beef on weck. This is a sandwich not found that often outside of the northeast, but the way Palmeri makes it, the beef on weck could easily become a Vegas favorite.

You’ll want to go on Wednesday to the Paradise location. That's the day Palmeri prepares the sandwich tableside from 1 pm - 4 pm. Top round beef is cooked on low heat for a couple of hours. It's sliced in front of you then put on a kummelweck roll. That's a round roll topped with carroway seed and kosher salt, which is as unique as it sounds.

Palmeri goes the extra step by toasting the roll giving some added strength to the sandwich construction. Assertive horseradish and delicious au jus are served with it. Dump as much au jus as you can handle on the tasty meat; the bread soaks it up and it is perfect.

For $10 it's steal. With the side of fries or salad Naked City gives you to go with it, it’s highway robbery. The fries are crisp and well seasoned. The salad is -- I don't know how the salad is, I always go for the fries. As I suspect most people in Buffalo would prefer.

[Photo: Gojgo]

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South Point's BBQ Specialty Buffet is Rib-licious

Where: 9777 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89183
July 29, 2015 at 5:47 PM | by | ()

Alright then, you've heard the news but don't be too sad as we are still publishing through Friday.

The Garden Buffet at South Point has started themed buffet nights. VegasChatter was invited to a specialty buffet and we opted for the BBQ night, available from 4-9 pm on Monday nights ($18.95).

Since the South Point is known for its cowboy-related events, the BBQ buffet seemed like the one to try. The beef brisket was quite dry and the fried chicken left much to be desired, but the different types of ribs were very tasty. The smoked pork ribs were almost falling off the bone they were so tender. Both the sauced and unsauced varieties were tasty and the unsauced ones really allowed the flavor of the meat to shine through. The side dish from the BBQ section that really stood out were the mashed potatoes. They were so light and fluffy that each bite resembled a pillowy gnocchi, melting in your mouth.

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Yummy Carbs! Lazy Dog Cafe Has Rolled Out a New Line of Pizzas

Where: 1725 Festival Plaza Drive [map], 89135
July 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

There’s nothing better than researching to provide VegasChatter readers with informative articles, especially when that research involves eating carbs. This was the case recently when Lazy Dog Café invited us to try their new line of pizzas.

If you’ve never heard of Lazy Dog café, it is a restaurant out of Cali that debuted this spring in Downtown Summerlin. Their menu has everything from burgers, sandwiches and pasta to chimichurri mahi mahi and Thai noodles. They also have an amazing Happy Hour during the week from 3-6pm (and again from 9pm to close, Sunday through Thursday) as well as an amazing Sunday Brunch.

And true to their name, the Lazy Dog Café does allow dogs--on their patio. They even have a dog menu.

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New Tiki Bar Set to Open Tomorrow

Where: 3939 Spring Mountain Blvd. [map], 89102
July 23, 2015 at 12:15 PM | by | ()

Did someone say Mai Tai? Get ready because a new tiki bar is coming to the Vegas Valley. The Golden Tiki’s grand opening will be tomorrow July 24 at 8pm. Located on the corner of Valley View and Spring Mountain (previously Little Macau), the venue will be opened by former Hard Rock, Sony Music, and Capitol Records consultant, Branden Powers, and promises to be 4,000 square feet of exciting tiki culture.

We’ve been stalking monitoring their Facebook page for weeks now, and we are pretty excited about this place because it has potential to be a killer hang-out for both locals and tourists. Not only will the venue have amazing drinks, but they also plan on having a delicious food menu, and gaming. Oh, and they will also have a stage for live music (Hmm… that PTs up the street from this location should be very afraid. Sips tea).

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Just One Dish: Crab Rangoon at WuHu Noodle

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
July 20, 2015 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, a full restaurant review just won't do. Perhaps, there wasn't time for an A-Z meal. Maybe we just don't want to spoil it all. Or, a dog ate our good pictures. There may still be that one dish worth writing about. A new one, an old one. A newsworthy one or a memorable one (for better or worse). It might be the one dish, or drink, out of the whole experience that gets us to return. Or, stay away.

They call it WuHu Noodle but my favorite dish at the Silverton's new easy Asian eatery doesn't have any noodles in it. In fact, it's not even an entree. It's an appetizer we all know, but this one was done just a little differently and that's all it took to make something so ordinary so extraordinary.

Cut back to college. In between Rice-A-Roni and spaghetti and ketchup dinners, once in a while I'd splurge. The most bang for my buck were those Chinese takeout specials. You know, the $6.99 meals they advertise with coupons on the menu? The ones with two entrees, fried rice and the app of your choice? That is where I first discovered crab rangoon.

Wrapper, interior, sauce. The thing is, up until I tried WuHu's, they all tasted pretty similar. Not that the average fried cream cheese wonton concoction isn't already tasty. But changing it up just a bit sure goes a long way.

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Hussong's Cantina Opens Summerlin Location

Where: 740 S. Rampart Blvd. #7 [map], 89145
July 17, 2015 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

When I heard Hussong’s Cantina was expanding to Boca Park, I was glad it was not heading into the “cursed” spot that used to house restaurants including Hannah’s, Sea Stone and Hotel California. The Hotel California folks even brought in a shaman to burn sage sticks when it opened, in hopes of cleansing the space. No joke. I still have a mini sage stick from the opening in my kitchen’s junk drawer. Alas, that concept didn’t last long and it’s now an animal hospital.

The ethereal-looking tequila selection above the bar.

Hussong’s isn’t in that location. Phew. As a fan of the Mandalay Place location of the Mexican cantina, I was eager to see how it translated to the ‘burbs. The concept isn’t quite the same as the Strip location, which is a typical full-service restaurant and bar. This Summerlin location is more of a hybrid fast-casual restaurant with a full-service bar.

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Just One Dish: Traditional Potato Cakes At Ri Ra

Where: 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89119
July 16, 2015 at 5:48 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, a full restaurant review just won't do. Perhaps, there wasn't time for an A-Z meal. Maybe we just don't want to spoil it all. Or, a dog ate our good pictures. There may still be that one dish worth writing about. A new one, an old one. A newsworthy one or a memorable one (for better or worse). It might be the one dish, or drink, out of the whole experience that gets us to return. Or, stay away.

I love Irish music and the vibe at Mandalay Place’s Irish pub Ri Ra makes it one of my favorite spots even if I’m not the traditional Irish pub fan, at least food and drink-wise. I don’t care for Guinness nor bangers, but I’m all about the mash…ed potatoes that is. Ri Ra’s Traditional Potato Cakes appetizer ($10) is one of my favorites.

Served as two large patties on top of fancy lettuce, this appetizer eats like a meal. It’s much more of a fried mashed potato concept that something crispy all the way through like hash browns. While crispy on the edges, the soft texture inside is a nice contrast. Filled with potatoes, Irish (duh) cheddar and green onions, this dish covers all of the major bar food groups: potatoes, fried stuff and cheese.

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Off Strip Dining: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

July 16, 2015 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

You may be familiar with the Blue Ribbon brand name from their restaurants in New York, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill at the Cosmopolitan or their food service at Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq.

Blue Ribbon is known for creative menus and quality food, but the dish they’re known for at all of their locations is fried chicken. Now they’ve taken their fried chicken to the Las Vegas suburbs and opened Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken at Downtown Summerlin.

Downtown Summerlin is evolving from being a just another shopping center to being a dining destination with excellent options ranging from quick serve restaurants like Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken to fine dining like Andiron Steak to simple desserts like Gelato Messina.

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Triple George Grill is Celebrating Double Digits

Where: 201 N. Third Street [map], 89101
July 14, 2015 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

DTLV restaurant Triple George Grill, home to one our most "glorious" steak dinners, is celebrating their 10-year anniversary with weekly dining specials and an epic party. (Cue the confetti!)

The big event will happen on Thursday, July 23rd from 8pm-10pm, with live entertainment on the patio, hors d’oeuvres, and a variety of wines and signature drinks available. All guests will also receive thank you gift bags full of goodies (and who doesn’t love free stuff!). This event will be open to the public, so long as you purchase a $15 ticket.

Triple George Grill will also feature weekly specials all month long. Take a look at what to eat for the rest of the month:

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Ask VegasChatter: Where To Eat The Best Vegetarian Buffets

July 10, 2015 at 5:25 PM | by | ()

The pansy may not be standard at Wicked Spoon but the elevated vegetarian is a staple, including the Caprese with balsamic "pearls."

VegasChatter reader @rosspb asked for our thoughts on the best vegetarian buffet. Without having tried them all and given the fact many buffet menus change from day to day, this is a tough one to answer. I’ve made it through a decent number of them over my time in Vegas and I researched a few others so here’s my best attempt at a qualitative and quantitative breakdown.

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FWIW: The Buffet at Treasure Island is Surprisingly Good

Where: 3300 Las Vegas Blvd, [map], 89109
July 2, 2015 at 3:35 PM | by | ()

Last weekend was one of several firsts for this duck. I joined a friend at the Treasure Island Buffet and Mystere, both of which I’ve somehow escaped in a decade in Vegas. The TI Buffet was a lot better than I expected. Yes, I admittedly went in with moderate to low expectations.

Various seafood dishes and lobster bisque.

There were several surprises I haven’t encountered at other buffets. One was an interactive salad station. I’ve seen prepared salads offered as well as the standard build-you-own options but never a station that mixed up guest-selected items so everything could get a nice even distribution of dressing. As somebody who loves to start buffets with an elaborate salad, this was pretty exciting and tasty too. There was even sliced chicken so I could make a full-on cobb.

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La Gloria Fills Out The Forum Food Court at Caesars

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
July 1, 2015 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

The straw is usually coated too but we wanted to ease into the spice, just in case!

The Forum Food Court at Caesars Palace is complete. Well, as complete as anything can be in the dynamic restaurant landscape of Las Vegas. The eighth and final spot is filled as Mexican restaurant La Gloria celebrated its grand opening last week. The taco stand with cocktails features the “street foods of Mexico” (that’s its tagline) and has rounded out the food court’s offerings.

As a fan of several of the previous food court’s tenants (mainly the decent yet expectedly overpriced pizza and an above par BBQ joint), I’m fairly pleased with the transition. Sometimes you are looking for a quick bite and now there’s a good mix of regional favorites from other parts of the country like Graeter’s Ice Cream, well known in Cincinnati, and Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza, plus ever-expanding chains like Earl of Sandwich and Smashburger.

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