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Tearing Up The Sand Dunes Outside of Vegas

February 8, 2013 at 12:22 PM | by | ()

So, you've come to Vegas to let loose. Well, we have one way that really kicks some serious butt. If you're looking to race around the desert, enjoy the outdoors, all while cruising in one of the coolest machines ever then we have the solution for you! Dune buggies! No doubt, one of the most enjoyable tours we have taken.

Previously, we had kicked up some dust ATVing, but this was NOWHERE near the same thing. First, these dune buggies were more powerful than the ATVs. Second, these machines made you feel just that much more safe, which allows you to take a few more chances. This is where the real fun came in, rushing over sand hills, small jumps, and going almost vertical makes for an awesome driving experience. It is something everyone really must try.

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