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Greyhound Gases Up The Bus Between LA and Vegas

November 7, 2012 at 1:08 PM | by | ()

The worst part about getting between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is the drive. Much of the I-15 that connects the two cities traverses a whole lot of nothing. Not the town of Nothing. That's in another state entirely and at least provides 90 seconds of topical conversation as it passes. The LA to Vegas/Vegas to LA drive can be so unpredictable that we once put it head to head with a longer, even more dreadful of a bore.

Not only do drivers hope to avoid "rush hour" traffic around the weekends, an accident or a wildfire has shut the highway down in one direction or the other more often than we'd care to count.

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Good Manners Still Exist... On The Greyhound Bus

Where: 200 South Main Street [map], 89101
September 19, 2011 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

Though many factors contribute to Las Vegas' unique dazzle, we never thought philanthropy would be one of them. Which isn't to say our expectations for humanity were necessarily lowered (an initial Hulk Hogan sighting perked us right up!), but in general, the breed of travelers that Vegas attracts tend to be pretty self-absorbed.

Which is why we were slightly taken aback to witness a moment of genuine kindness between two complete strangers—while aboard, of all things, a Greyhound bus between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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