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When You Find Condoms In Your Vegas Hotel Room (It Gets Worse)

January 13, 2014 at 3:45 PM | by | ()

There are a lot of things we'd love to find in our Vegas hotel room -- chocolates, a welcome fruit basket, a personal note from management inviting us to a free meal at their finest restaurant. (That last one may be a long shot.) We'll pass, however, on what two recent Vegas visitors found inside their accommodations -- condoms. And, while one VegasChatter fan found the unused variety (mostly), another found one in a way that would make you seriously consider bathing immediately in bleach.

First, Tony describes his find at The Quad. (Oh, yes, you could have guessed this hotel, right?):

...I visit Vegas every couple of months. I always stay at Harrah's or The Quad. Well I stayed at The Quad last Monday. Here are a few housekeeping tips: Do not think they offer free condoms. Upon entering the room the first thing I do is check all the drawers. This is what I found.

My friend called the front desk and asked if it was customary to give free condoms. They said NO SIR. ”Then why are there 3 in my drawer and one opened?” They sent someone up to clean it up. The guy that came said it’s a shame but “Hey this is Vegas." I said screw Vegas. It is a maid's JOB to clean the room entirely whether it be Wisconson or Utah. CLEAN THE BLOODY ROOM. Later my friend said they offered us a different room. I just about fell to the ground and said, "Why didn’t you take it?"

After checking out, I asked to speak to a manager. Just to get my frustrations out. He said "Sir, I can give you a complimentary breakfast worth $30 on us.' I said I had checked out already. He said “Just check back in and it will be valid only for today." UMM, first day of the biggest convention in Vegas (CES). So, I have to pay $200 for a room to get a $30 dollar breakfast. I DON’T THINK SO.

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Surviving Five Nights At Gold Coast’s $10 Buffet

Where: 4000 West Flamingo Road [map], 89103
October 1, 2013 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

With so many great dining options available in Las Vegas, the restaurants at Gold Coast don’t usually garner much attention. The 24-hour T.G.I. Fridays is handy after finishing up some late night bowling, but is otherwise unremarkable. Ping Pang Pong, a Chinese restaurant that is worth going out of your way for, is likely the casino’s most popular place to dine. Both are much better choices than the Ports O’ Call buffet which is where this writer ate dinner for five consecutive nights during a recent stay.

“Why would you do that to yourself?,” you may ask. A good question and one I was not prepared to answer when I checked into one of Gold Coast’s premium rooms. I had booked five nights, Sunday through Thursday, using an offer that included a $10 dining credit for each night. It seemed like a great deal when I made the reservation. I looked forward to trying out a few dishes at Ping Pang Pong, hitting the Noodle Exchange, and perhaps even getting some of those delicious baby backs at Fridays. My cuisine dreams were shattered, however, when I was informed that the dining credit was only valid at the buffet. Up until this point, I didn’t even know Gold Coast had a buffet, but that’s where I would be heading.

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'CSI Meets Goretorium: My Stay At The Quad'

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
April 19, 2013 at 6:36 PM | by | ()

We're fanatical about Vegas to the point that we read popular travel message boards just to find out what folks are reporting, or wondering. Oftentimes, we see posts inquiring if Imperial Palace The Quad is really as awful as everyone jokes, says or implies. Responses vary, naturally, from those who say run to others who say it ain't so bad for the money you save.

Recently, VegasChatter friend @sammasseur checked into The Quad and sent us photos from his stay. We asked him if he could write about his experience so that we could share it with other readers, and this is his story:

I'm a Downtown Vegas kind of guy, but like to take in The Strip a little from time to time. On my previous visit this past January, I spent one night on Fremont and the next three at The Quad. It was a disastrous experience, and the "classic" room they assigned me was so far in the dark depths of the property that cellular service didn't work. Sunlight barely streamed in the windows through a small gap between my balcony and the parking garage. Too bad that some of the light bulbs actually worked, otherwise I wouldn't have seen the years of caked-on filth that adorned the walls, ceilings, light fixtures, and carpeting.

But, I chalked it up to their transitional growing pains and let things slide, vowing to revisit further down the road. And, last week, I did just that. Being already booked at the El Cortez Cabana Suites for four nights, I checked the CET website for a one-night deal to do another "Strip night." And, this time, they offered me a "deluxe" room at The Quad for only $11.99 plus tax (no resort fee as this was prior to the because-you-demanded-it announcement.) Well, a DEE-LUXE room would have to be better maintained than that dungeon from January, right? That depends on your perspective, it would seem.

Having stayed here before, I knew my way around the labyrinth from parking lot to reservation desk. It was three hours before check-in time, but since there was no line, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Ben the desk agent said the early hour wasn't a problem as I was a Total Rewards member, and even suggested that I use the TR counter on future visits to avoid long lines. I requested a room overlooking Carnaval Court, which they apparently don't like to assign due to frequent noise complaints. But, I wanted an actual view this time, and Ben was most accomodating to my request. In fact, all of the staff I encountered during my stay were chipper, pleasant, and efficient.

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Golden Nugget's Cafe Closed For Grossness

December 13, 2012 at 3:34 PM | by | ()

Good thing there's lots of options for eats in Downtown Vegas with more on the horizon (just check the right of your screen) because one just fell off the list -- Golden Nugget's 24/7 Carson Street Cafe. Not that it was actually on the list. But, it could have been added at the last minute. Maybe. But, now that ain't happening.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that city health officials closed the cafe down on Tuesday, as well as the employee dining room, "for numerous code violations including pest infestation." Pest infestation? We don't even want to know what exactly is meant by that. Ok, we actually, do want to know, but it wasn't reported. If we hear, we'll share. Right now, we're picturing some type of Hoarders situation. We knew we shouldn't have watched that marathon.

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Massage Pillow. Restroom. Eww.

July 5, 2011 at 6:04 PM | by | ()

We've seen some gnarly things in casinos. A recent visit to the Flamingo has added to that list, but it still won't top it.

When rushing to the men's room between shuffles at the blackjack table we were walking side-by-side with a masseuse who casually walked into the women's room with a massage pillow in her arm. We separated as each of us entered our respective restrooms, but we can only imagine what kind of germs hopped onto that pillow while we were doing our business. We didn't see each other again that evening.

We aren't germaphobes, but we try to keep clean. We're always amazed at how few people wash their hands after using the men's room. In fact, a few weeks ago we learned a new lazy trick in the men's room. We've come to expect this from casino-goers who aren't always the most sober people. However, when it comes to casino employees we want at least the appearance of cleanliness.

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Hard Rock Removes the Medical Waste from Their Rehab Ads

Where: 4455 Paradise Road [map], 89109
February 7, 2011 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

It's been a full six months since we discovered what was dubbed "the most heinous thing on display in Vegas of all time." That is, the breast implants in a Rehab display case at the Hard Rock. In case you missed this lovely bit of hotel pool party advertising, check out the original story and pictures here.

Six months after the Hard Rock filled their display with the fake implants, their shot syringes, prescription bottles and other detritus that gave Rehab a medical-waste-washed-up-on-the-beach theme, they seem to have cleaned up their act. These days, the boobies are gone, as are all the syringes. Even the "I rubbed one out at Rehab" T-shirt was given the heave-ho. Don't worry though, the change hasn't classed things up; the prescription bottles are still there, and don't forget the squirt guns and cheap-ass one-time-use cameras.

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Worst Hotel: Imperial Palace

December 30, 2010 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

Welcome to the first annual VegasChatter Awards! We'll be bringing you the best and worst of the year all day today and part of tomorrow. Agree or disagree with our picks? Air your thoughts in comments below.

Everyone turns their noses up at cheapo Vegas rooms but when we embarked on our little stint of staying in them this year we were delighted to find they weren’t half as grubsville as we expected them to be.

That is, until we stayed at Imperial Palace.

We’d been looking forward to our stay for a while because we quite like the casino, in the same way we love O’Sheas. And we bagged a cheap deal ($25) and an awesome view, looking directly at Caesars.

Sadly the view came with the stink of trash piled up outside (in the middle of summer), and the noise of Carnaval Court down below us. It took a battle to get our room changed (they said they were sold out, and tried to charge us for an upgrade – ha!) but we were finally given a Deluxe Luv Tub room at the back of the hotel.

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Upset With Your Room At Caesars? They'll Upgrade You... If You Pay To Come Back

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
December 22, 2010 at 11:41 AM | by | ()

Regular readers of VegasChatter will know that there are few things we take more offence to than bad hotel stays, especially if that stay is somewhere iconic where we’d dreamed of staying since we were little and then turns out like this.

And then we take more offence when we realize it wasn’t just our bad luck in the Centurion Tower at Caesars Palace because then our friend got a dodgy room that wasn’t serviced and had the shower leaking out all over the bathroom floor.

Anyway, said friend took her disappointment further than we did, and made an official complaint. And you know what the answer was from Caesars? A huge long email offering “sincere apologies for the challenges” (you know, of providing a clean, inhabitable room to guests) and then this, which made us spit out our cocktail when we read it, such was the chortling:

Our company takes a big pride (sic) participating in Code Green and as one of our initiatives is offering the “green in room program” to our guests. To simplify, if towel (sic) is thrown on the floor it will be replaces (sic) the same day or if card (sic) that explains the program is placed on the bed linen will (sic) be replaced the same day, if not these will be replaced after guest checks out (sic). I wish you have (sic) reached to us while being in house, I would be (sic) more then happy to assist with resolving all those challenges on the sport (sic).

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Eat $55 Worth of Nachos, Get Em Free At Cabo Wabo

Where: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
December 21, 2010 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

If there’s one thing that makes us feel like Christmas it’s overeating so we’re getting festively excited about the latest offering from Cabo Wabo.

The brand new I can’t Drive 55 Dollar Nachos may only be classed as an appetizer, but it’s more than most people could eat over a couple of meals – eight pounds worth of nachos plus 20 toppings. And obviously, a mammoth dish means an eating competition.

When they first introduced the dish, which costs $55, the deal was that anyone who could finish it solo in under 55 minutes would get it free, as well as a free Cabo Wabo t-shirt and a place in Sammy Hagar’s “Macho Nacho Hall of Fame”. However, it’s been a couple of weeks now and nobody has risen to the occasion – so Cabo Wabo have upped it to two people. Two of you could manage that, right?

We suggest you try it on Christmas day. What better way to remember the reason for the season?

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Tweet of the Weekend: Luxor Is Still Disgusting

Where: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89119
December 13, 2010 at 11:52 AM | by | ()

Many people got trashed in Vegas this weekend, and lots of them told the world about it. So, every Monday we’re bringing you our favorite tweet of the weekend. And don’t forget to follow us at @vegaschatter.

You may remember a while back we stayed at Luxor and were unimpressed by the hygiene levels in the hotel. Well, sounds like things are gross as ever if @Going421A is anything to go by:

There's claw type marks above the headboard on one of the beds...what do you suppose that's all about? #Luxor#girlsniteout

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Caesars' Centurion Tower Claims Another Victim

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
December 9, 2010 at 12:22 PM | by | ()

We're guessing it looked grimmer than this

If you hold grudges as long as we do, you’ll be aware that we have issues with Caesars Palace. Not the casino – in fact, it’s one of our faves to walk through/sit in the sportsbook/drink ourselves silly/soak up the Only in Vegas atmosphere.

But when it comes to the rooms, boy have we been unhappy. Yes, we know there are nice ones – we had a tour of the Augustus and Palace towers, and very nice they were too. The Forum Tower aint bad either. But the Roman? Dull as ditchwater. And the Centurion? Um, the room from hell that we scored there is still the one hotel that’s made us physically ill.

And we’re not the only fussy flossies, because, as a friend of ours told us on Monday, she stayed in the Centurion Tower a couple of weeks back and although it didn’t make her ill, seems the housekeeping leaves a lot to be desired.

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Tweet of the Weekend: In Vegas, Vomiting Gets You Free Drinks

October 25, 2010 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Many people got trashed in Vegas this weekend, lots of them told the world about it, and some of them even got arrested. So, every Monday we’re bringing you our favourite tweet of the weekend. And don’t forget to follow us at @vegaschatter.

One of the things we like best about Vegas? The tolerance on the Strip. People merrily put up with having prostitute cards thrown in their faces, drunk people getting in their faces and cigarette smoke going down their lungs because it’s Vegas, baby!

But one man is more tolerant than any other Vegas tourist we have seen or heard of. And that man is @ADominguez:

already had an English gurl puke on the bar next to me and get free drinks. that's how I Vegas!

Now, we’re not quite sure what he’s saying here – did he get free drinks, or did drunky get free drinks? We’re thinking it was him, since he sounded so happy.

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