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This Vegas Virgin Was 'Sexiled'

December 3, 2012 at 4:52 PM | by | ()

We told you about our first time... visiting Vegas, that is. And, some of you have told us about yours. Now it's time for one of VegasChatter's newest writers, who pens stories under Wake and Wander, to tell us about his.

My first visit to Vegas suffered the metaphorical equivalent of a flight delay. I found myself waiting in the lobby of The Mirage for 45 minutes, suitcase at my side, until my friend "found his phone" and returned my call. When I finally got the room number and met him upstairs, he could barely stand up. The room reeked of rum and Coke, cologne, and the steam of a hot iron. Clothes were all over, suitcases in every corner. I saw that the space under the desk was vacant so I slid in my suitcase. I turned to the dresser and saw the bottles of booze. This wasn’t just any hotel room – this was a Vegas hotel room, for sure.

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Marquee and Tao May Have Some Competition if 1Oak Rolls Into Town

August 5, 2011 at 7:43 PM | by | ()

Is this NYC or LV? Does it matter?

So long JET, hello 1OAK? The popular NYC nightclub is supposedly in talks to take over the nightclub at The Mirage according to the gossips at the NY Post. From today's Page Six:

1Oak's Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano and Ronnie Madra are close to signing a deal to take over the Light Group's 16,000-square-foot JET nightclub at the Mirage and bring their Chelsea hot spot to Vegas. Sources say the night-life impresarios plan to open 1Oak Vegas by New Year's Eve. Regulars at 1Oak include Rihanna, Katy Perry, Fergie, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz. A rep for 1Oak said, "While there have been several discussions about 1Oak opening in Las Vegas, it is too premature to comment on any details."

Of course, it's too premature but you know it's happening anyways. That's how these things work! Someone slips something to a gossip column just to test the waters and build excitement. And then in a few short weeks (days?) there comes the official announcement followed by P.Diddy saying he's gonna be hosting New Year's Eve here.

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Six Reasons We Can't Wait For September

July 29, 2011 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

Labor Day weekend isn't the only thing you should look forward to this September in Vegas. Although, we. can't. wait. 'Cause it feels like it's been at least 25 days since the last holiday weekend, ya know? From a first look at the new Plaza to new eats, festivals, and more, here are six reasons why we can't wait for September:

1. Music (and yoga)

There'll be music everywhere in Vegas this September and we're not talking about up in the club. Not one, not two, but three big music festivals are set for September. You may have already heard about the sold out, but not really iHeartRadio fest set for the MGM Grand, but did you know about the music festivals set for Wynn and The Cosmopolitan?

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Jet To 'Bank' On A New Change

Where: 3400 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
May 23, 2011 at 1:12 PM | by | ()

What's the shelf life of a Vegas club? Oh, about six years.

Light at Bellagio lasted six years before it morphed into The Bank, now just over four years old. tick, tock, tick, tock?

Now, another Light Group outpost on The Strip is reportedly closing its doors to reinvent itself.

Vegas gossip Robin Leach has tweeted that JET nightclub at The Mirage will close this Labor Day for a reno that will having it reopen its doors on New Year's Eve. The same date the club hosted its grand opening back in 2005.

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Vanity Goes Ludacris For NYE, Rihanna Promises Not to Sing at Pure

Where: 4455 Paradise Rd [map], 89169
December 28, 2010 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

It’s only three days away from New Year’s Eve now and things are hotting up – just yesterday we walked past Jet and saw a lonely man sitting at a desk in the middle of the afternoon trying (unsuccessfully, yesterday afternoon) to shift tickets for B.O.B. (the music one, not that one).

If you haven’t decided where to go yet, know that Ludacris (slightly better than B.O.B, possibly) is going to be hosting at Vanity. Tickets cost $150 and includes an open bar from 9pm-midnight. Then on 1 January, Jason Derulo is taking over.

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Cowboy Clowns and Bret Michaels Hit The Strip This Weekend

December 3, 2010 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

Bret Michaels loves him some Vegas

Well, we missed Holly Madison’s birthday at Tao last night which means we need to party doubly hard this weekend to make up for it, although the clubs aren’t exactly making it easy for us, what with the celeb count right down to nearly nada.

Tonight, Steve Little (we assume this one of Eastbound and Down is at Jet, and UFC President Dana White hosts a benefit for TJ Lavin and Ty Pinney at Vanity (hospital bills don’t pay themselves, you know). Tomorrow, if your weekend plans involve pulling a cowboy or girl, your top spot will be PBR Rockbar, which will be hosted by a “rodeo clown” called Flint Rasmussen who is, apparently, the finest rodeo clown in bullriding circles. Want something more/less painful (delete according to preference)? Bret Michaels is not only hosting, but also performing, at The Bank. Or for something approximating proper clubbing, it’s Oakenfold night over at Rain.

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From Ronnie Jersey Shore to Teresa Jersey Housewife, Vegas Keeps It Real For Labor Day

September 2, 2010 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

The savior of Vegas this Labor Day weekend

So we’ve told you all the non-celeb-addled stuff that’s going down this Labor Day. Now it’s onto the celeb addling. Today we’ll focus on the clubs, tomorrow the pool scene.

There’s so much going on that we won’t attempt to cover it all (the Sun’s had a pretty good go at that already) so instead, here be three events to pick from every night.

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Billy Idol? Cyndi Lauper? Must Be Retro Weekend in Vegas

August 20, 2010 at 5:39 PM | by | ()

Forget the clubs this weekend; it’s all about going retro. Or rather, it is tomorrow night, with Billy Idol playing the Pearl and Cyndi Lauper at House of Blues. Who could want anything else?

Oh, you might want Coolio at Revolution tonight. The 90s are back!

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Vegas is All Gaga-d and Orgied Out This Weekend

August 12, 2010 at 6:01 PM | by | ()

Will Gaga turn up for VH1? Jet's hoping so

Looks like the two big gigs in town this weekend – Lady Gaga tomorrow and the Midsummer Night’s Dream orgy party on Saturday - have scared off all the other celebs, because if you’re not busting it to Gaga or hanging with busty babes at the Palms, you could be disappointed.

It’s not so bad tomorrow – Lavo has its two year anniversary event which should be fun – guests include Rob Thomas (performing at Red Rock on Saturday) Stephanie Pratt (who we inexplicably like), Matthew Rhys (yum), Stacy Keiber and Amanda Righetti (ditto) and Dave Annabelle off of Brothers & Sisters.

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Vienna Girardi is (Doubly) Single And Fabulous, Kellan Lutz is Not (Single)

July 16, 2010 at 2:44 PM | by | ()

It might be slightly more crowded for Annalynne and Kellan at Wet Rep

D.I.E. If only we’d gone to Tao last night – it was Jeremih’s birthday party. Jeremih as in Birthday Sex man. Bet that was horrendous fun.

But at least there’s stuff going on to make up for it. Tonight, all you’ve got is Nipsey Hussle at Jet, but tomorrow’s when it really kicks off.

Vienna Girardi is hosting two parties called Single and Fabulous (think she’s trying to get her point across?) tomorrow, first at Tao Beach and then at Lavo tomorrow night. Meanwhile, Jennifer Love Hewitt is hosting at Azure pool at the Palazzo, and Annalynne McCord’s throwing a birthday bash at Wet Republic. Kellan Lutz is going to be with her. Praise the lord Wet Rep is adults only, but expect the Twihards to be skanking round MGM Grand all day (and watch out for the creepy Twilight moms at the pool).

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Sexy Ladies And Taio Cruz Are Here To Break Your Heart This Weekend

May 7, 2010 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

You might like to get your loving done tonight because Vegas is bustin’ with sexy ladies tomorrow. Not only is patron saint of mammas Kris Jenner rocking it up at Eve for a Mothers Day party, but Nicole Scherzinger is performing at Pure (hmm, seeing as she’s bezzie mates with Robin Antin, something tells us to expect an impromptu performance chez Matt Goss, as happened last time she was in town).

If you’d rather see a man, Taio Cruz will be at LAX. And for daytime ents, Marissa Miller is at Wet Republic and Audrina Partridge is hosting Liquid.

Today, your lot is Gretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of Orange County at Jet tonight, and (surprise surprise) Holly Madison hosting a "Beach Blanket Bikini Bash" all day at Tao Beach. Once she wakes up from this, that is.

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Matt Goss Aint Your Only Option Tonight

March 12, 2010 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

The calm before the storm at Jet tonight

Tonight’s a busy night in Vegas clubworld, and to mark it, they’re having another Kardashian-Jersey Shore standoff. Robert Kardashian is celebrating his birthday at Jet, and Pauly D is DJing at Ghostbar at the Palms. The RK hotness or the fist-pumping hot mess – the choice is yours.

If you want to stay clear, Soulja Boy is at Eve tonight (overload – he was at Jet only in January), Travis Barker is at Pure (should be interesting) and Jerome Bettis (oh-kay) is having his 38th birthday party at Tao.

Seem to remember there’s something going on at Caesars tonight as well, but it just slipped our minds.