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Reminder To McCarran Holiday Travelers: There's Booze At Baggage

Where: LAS [map], 89119
November 19, 2012 at 1:39 PM | by | ()

While most news outlets focus this week on the numbers of cars that will be the road, planes in the air and travelers frustrated by delays, we here at VegasChatter take this opportunity to deliver a public service announcement and travel tip reminder. Yes, lots of people travel around the holidays to visit or get away from friends and family. And, a good percentage of those holiday travelers will be swinging through an airport during their travels.

But, there is only one airport where arriving flyers can start the holiday party early or drown their anxiety before moving onto their final destination. Thanks to the nation's first and only baggage claim liquor store, McCarran Airport's Liquor Library, travelers can now fulfill their holiday and non-holiday booze-fueled needs.

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Could We Soon Be Boozing at the Baggage Claim?

July 20, 2010 at 7:31 PM | by | ()

We all know how people like to imbibe on the plane out to Vegas but what about that pesky downtime in between waiting for a cab at McCarran and getting to your hotel before you can have another fix?

Well, it looks like Las Vegas has come up with a solution--putting a liquor store in the D terminal near the baggage claim. The Las Vegas Sun reported over the weekend (on a Sunday too!) that the airport is actively working on putting a liquor store in McCarran:

A five-person airport evaluation team looked at the proposals using nine criteria, including their financial proposal and the applicants’ financial stability, liquor store experience and operating plan. Proposals were rated and Lee’s Runway Liquor collected the most points, with 85.8 of a possible 100.

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