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Have You Ever Requested The Same Hotel Room in Vegas Before?

October 14, 2013 at 8:10 PM | by | ()

Most of the time when this editor is booking a hotel room in Vegas, I'm booking it based on these three factors:

1. Price
2. Location
3. Things To Do

More than I'd like, the price factor ends up being the deciding factor when booking my Vegas trip, especially now that, on average, resort fees cost an extra $20 plus tax a night. But, occasionally, location wins out as I need to be close to a certain end of the Strip and I don't often rent a car. (Although, the last two times, I have because I cannot deal with Vegas cab rip-offs.) And, while I do love exploring different hotels every time I'm in Vegas, I like knowing my hotel also has a fun pool scene, great restaurant options, a spa, a lounge to drink in and a nightclub to dance in. Oh, and.. duh, a casino.

But, on my last trip to Vegas, something different happened. I found a room that I wanted to come back to over and over again.

Now, because I'm superstitious and paranoid, I won't tell you the exact room number. But I will tell you that it's on the 36th floor of Vdara and it has a king bed, small kitchenette, a little table for two, a pull-out couch and a partial view of the Bellagio fountains. I was able to get it for $109, before taxes and resort fee, during the week and I would happily pay that rate again and then some.

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Win The Lion's Share And Win It All

January 8, 2013 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

The Lion's Share is still waiting for you.

We stumbled upon this little-known Vegas legend back in August of 2012. A single slot machine that has never hit at MGM Grand since being installed in the mid-90s. And, since it has never paid out, it must take up space on the casino floor until it does.

At the time we reported on it, VegasChatter contributor Richard Lane came thisclose to hitting the $2+ million dollar jackpot. Seriously. It was a nail biter. One of the rumors surrounding the machine is that whoever does strike it rich will also win the machine itself.

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About That Two Million Dollar Jackpot Slot That's Due To Hit Soon

August 9, 2012 at 7:15 PM | by | ()

Did you hear about that unique, singular, one-of-a-kind slot machine with a two million dollar jackpot that's ready to pay out? No? We hadn't, either. Not until VegasChattter contributor Denver Gambler mentioned the "Lion's Share" progressive machine in a report on MGM.

See, like legends of white whales (or white rhinos or progressive payouts), there's a spectral and mythic legend surrounding something known only to a very select few. With a past shrouded in mystery and rumor. And, since we're not totally clear on all the facts we're going to give you some basic truths to go along with a handy guide to those possibly tall tales. It'll give you something to help pad out those wild stories when you arrive home and describe how you almost became an instant millionaire. "I was thhhhhisssss cllloooossssse." Probably helps if you do the matching gesture. You know, holding your fingers together.

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She Had A One in 20 Million Chance, And Won

February 21, 2012 at 9:14 PM | by | ()

When we first reported on a new variation of Three Card Poker with a $1 million dollar bonus, we knew the odds were long. We thought the chances of winning were 14 mil to one, but VegasChatter fan TheCosmicJester said it was more like one in 20 million.

At the time, our own East Coast Gambler wasn't sure whether he'd take that bet. But, Johnita Ejercito did over the weekend at the Paris. And, beat the odds, becoming the big $1 million dollar winner early Sunday morning.

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