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What Happens When Moms Party in Vegas? We're About To Find Out

December 23, 2011 at 3:41 PM | by | ()

This weekend while you are home for the holidays hanging your stockings with care, decking the halls, trimming the Christmas tree, conspiring by the fire, riding in a one-horse open sleigh and putting the final touches of marshmallow fluff on your gingerbread houses, take a moment to think about your dear mother and ponder this question, "What would happen if Mom and I were put up in a house in Las Vegas together and went out partying every night?"

You probably couldn't imagine a worse scenario, right? But for a certain group of mothers and daughters who party together this is actually the premise for a new reality show from VH1 called, Mama Drama.

Grantland tipped us off to the show in the 2012 Reality Draft Prospectus for their Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League, saying that it will begin airing on January 1 at 10pm. Except there is nary a trailer of the mamas causing drama to be found. There is, however, a still photo and some more details from Hollywood Reporter:

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