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Le Reve's Little Devil Is An Angel With A Cause

Where: 89109
April 29, 2014 at 7:31 PM | by | Comment (1)

The Devil will direct a Las Vegas stripper show for charity.

Stick with us. This will all start to make sense in a moment.

Las Vegas is very much like a cruise ship. Thousands of tourists hop on board for a few nights of partying, dining, and frolicking before returning to their everyday lives. And, just like on those seafaring vessels, talented performers from around the world provide the entertainment.

Ryan Lyons is one such individual. A native of Windsor, Ontario, he relocated to Las Vegas in 2005 to help launch Le Reve - The Dream at the soon-to-open Wynn. After nine years and more than four thousand performances, many original cast members have disembarked and moved on to other adventures. But Lyons, a gymnast and tumbler who represented his homeland in international competitions, has made Las Vegas his permanent residence.

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Piff, Piff, Give! How Vegas' Only Magic Dragon Does Sin City

April 16, 2014 at 7:49 PM | by | Comments (0)

Piff the Magic Dragon can be seen wooing princesses and shooting his chihuahua assistant, Mr. Piffles, out of a cannon at Rose.Rabbit.Lie's Vegas Nocturne inside The Cosmopolitan, all the while performing some very cool magic tricks.

But, what does a magic dragon like to do in Vegas when he's not at work? We sat down with Piff during rehearsals to find out and were offered candy from his Cinderella pez dispenser ("she's one of the better princesses") while a suspiciously sleepy Mr. Piffles was placed on our lap. Here are Piff's answers:

Favorite Vegas Shows (aside from his, obviously): Penn and Teller, David Copperfield and Mac King. Oh, and Carrot Top.

Favorite Bar: Insert Coins.

Favorite Vegas Club: Uh, I don't know. Marquee? Yeah, let's say Marquee.

Favorite Off-Strip Restaurant: Bootleggers.

Best Way to Relax in Vegas: Hmm, what does a dragon do to relax? Oh, at Excalibur. What's that show called?

Thunder From Down Under?: NO. Tournament of Kings. Yeah, Chicken dinner, wizards and some knights getting beat up. What else could a dragon want?

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Meet the Funnyman Behind Bellagio's Conservatory

Where: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd [map], 89109
January 8, 2014 at 2:17 PM | by | Comments (0)

Humorous head horticulturist spreads seasonal smiles.

Try saying that three times quickly. It does, however, help to have a sense of humor when tackling a large and important task. Whistle while you work, a spoonful of sugar... whatever it takes to get the job done. The man behind the enormous floral displays within Bellagio's Conservatory seems to have taken those kernels of advice to heart, and shared a wonderful sense of humor during this writer's recent visit to his “Merry Winter Wonderland."

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Jeff Timmons Brings Sexy Back To Vegas

October 9, 2013 at 12:34 PM | by | Comment (1)

Boy bands.

Every decade has their share. Some, like The Beatles, inspire LOVE and a legacy. Others yield punchlines, or are forgotten altogether. (Let’s hear it for LFO - Lyte Funky Ones... anybody?) After the inevitable break-up comes the solo careers of varying success and, sometimes, a fun reunion with all (NSYNC) or most of the original remaining members (this summer's Monkees tour minus Davey Jones). The really lucky ones continue to re-invent themselves, building on their songbook with new material. Or, sometimes they just head off in an entirely new direction. Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees has done all of the above. And, like the boy band he founded, Jeff still manages to keep temperatures rising.

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Getting Hammer'd Doesn't Hurt

Where: 202 Fremont Street [map], 89101
August 28, 2013 at 6:19 PM | by | Comments (2)

Mike Hammer: Comedy Magic is a little dynamo of a show. Currently ranked #24 out of 526 Vegas attractions by TripAdvisor readers, it regularly fills the Canyon Club Theater at the Four Queens. That's no small feat, considering the frequency that downtown shows come and go. Along with Golden Nugget's Gordie Brown, Mike Hammer: Comedy Magic has entrenched itself as a long-term fixture on Fremont Street.

Mike’s improvisational humor and sleight-of-hand are as sharp as his trademark vertical hairstyle. He's a frequent guest on talk shows, does MMA ring announcing, and has been a game show emcee (MC Hammer?). In a city filled with magic shows, this one manages to make the art of illusion cool, sexy and hilarious. He calls it “Getting Hammer’d.”

You never know what’s going to come out of Mike’s mouth (sometimes, it’s a string of razor blades), but we took a chance and asked him a few questions, anyway. And, we couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a “Magic Mike” reference. Considering his show's final illusion involves him being onstage in his boxers, he deserves to be in the running for next year's Hunkiest Headliners.

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How A Rock Of Ages Lead Rocks (and Relaxes) Vegas

December 20, 2012 at 3:13 PM | by | Comments (0)

Kyle Lowder: less soap, more swooning.

Time for another My Vegas. It’s hard trying to keep tabs on all the happenin’ stuff in Sin City, so we’re calling in expert advice. Every time we bump into a Vegas celeb, we’ll grill them on where they rate and what they like to do (yes, handily, this can also double as a stalker’s guide to Vegas).

Readers may not yet relate the celeb featured in our latest installment of My Vegas as a Vegas celeb. For good reason since we grilled Kyle Lowder, who plays Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages, a show that just made it's debut at the Venetian a few short days ago. But we're told soap opera fans may recognize him from...wikipedia...wikipedia....Days of Our Lives or The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Calm Down, Peeps: Coco Is Back Tonight

December 14, 2012 at 2:19 PM | by | Comment (1)

Ok, everyone. Just breathe deeply. It's all going to ok. Ice had a tiff with Coco. Coco skipped on peeps(how) to go went to New York to see Ice. (See update below.) Ice probably laid down some law and order. (You knew we couldn't resist that.) And, tonight, she's back in the saddle corset on the Peepshow stage once again.

Recently, VegasChatter asked Coco about her Vegas, where she likes to hang when it comes to dining, dancing, relaxing and more. Ultimate fans intent on scoring a photo or an autograph, if you can't track down Coco in Vegas now, there's not much more we can do for you. Here's Coco's world, right now:

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Fat Frank, Absinthe's Clown On The Wire, Shares His Vegas Secrets

April 12, 2012 at 5:13 PM | by | Comments (0)

Fat Frank's first step on the high wire occurred in a dream. His Absinthe co-star and mentor, Tony Hernandez, suggested he join his team in attempting one of the most dangerous and deadly high-wire stunts -- a seven-man pyramid. (We’ve provided video below.)

Frank had never even been on a high wire, but Tony believed, instructed him on the considerable risk and gave him a month to think about it. One night, Frank had a dream of a long high wire heading off into a black abyss, with nothing but darkness below. In the dream, he took one step onto the wire, and then immediately woke up. He awoke with the knowledge that since he had already taken the first step, the next would surely be easier.

For three years, Fat Frank has lived on that wire. And, behind that character is a classically trained actor, clown and acrobat who’s the latest interview in our My Vegas series. Meet Paul Lopez. The unlikely sex-symbol of the cast of Absinthe. If you’ve seen the show and, you should, nightly he creates an indelible and lasting impression. We won’t give away his crowning glory. It’s for you to discover. Once seen, never forgotten. And, why Frank? Well, in a warped version of the Rat Pack…

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Melody Sweets: Hot Chocolate, Mimosas, and Margaritas

December 6, 2011 at 4:51 PM | by | Comments (0)

Time for another My Vegas. It’s hard trying to keep tabs on all the happenin’ stuff in Sin City, so we’re calling in expert advice. Every time we bump into a Vegas celeb, we’ll grill them on where they rate and what they like to do (yes, handily, this can also double as a stalker’s guide to Vegas).

No we haven't completely lost our minds yet, although we have had our doubts, and this isn't a VegasChatter Flashback. This My Vegas installment continues our discussion with Melody Sweets since we had to break to cool off, one too many times a lot to ask of the Absinthe star.

Last week, Melody let us peek behind the sparkly curtain to learn about performing as a child, leaving New York City, starring in the absolutely excellent Absinthe, and hinted at her future plans. Today, we add Melody's favorite Vegas places to our little black stalking book.

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Absinthe's Melody Sweets Talks To Us About Snakes and Sock Puppets

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
December 1, 2011 at 12:12 PM | by | Comment (1)

First we got the smile. Now we slide into the mind of Melody.

The Green Fairy, star of Absinthe, object of our affection, burlesque star, top Halloween costume idea. Anyway you slice and dice it, you can't help but notice Miss Melody Sweets and wonder what tickles those green feathers. Which is why we camped outside her dressing room in a jet black wig and panty hose until she caved asked her nicely for an interview for the sake of our readers.

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Our Pop-In With Food Network Star's Vic Vegas

October 19, 2011 at 12:08 PM | by | Comments (0)

Pssst...ladies: He's on the market

Former Food Network Star contestant Vic Vegas popped up with a special restaurant menu at Rumor Resort and before we got our creme bruleed last night we had (quite) a few questions for Vic on his Vegas intentions and reality show life. We also managed to pry a few of his Vegas favs for the record. And by pry, we mean ask once - the guy loves to talk Vegas just about as much as we do.

After five years of trying and two Food Network Challenges, Vic landed himself a spot on the seventh and most watched season of Food Network Star. And to think, we skipped an SAT question if the answer didn't immaculately #2 that circle with a wooden pencil after three seconds. We're glad Vic has more patience than us so that the rest of the world could discover what we've known for awhile: the hairless tattooed wonder knows how to cook.

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Dolly Parton: Good. Strip Clubs: Not So Much. This Is Josh Strickland's Vegas

Where: 3667 Las Vegas Blvd South [map], 89109
November 10, 2010 at 4:20 PM | by | Comments (2)

Josh Strickland: good. Josh Strickland x 2: better.

Another Wednesday, another My Vegas. It’s hard trying to keep tabs on all the happenin’ stuff in Sin City, so we’re calling in expert advice. From now on, every time we bump into a Vegas celeb, we’ll grill them on where they rate and what they like to do (yes, handily, this can also double as a stalker’s guide to Vegas).

There’s not much we can say about this one (apart from recalling the first time we saw him in Serendipity 3 with Holly Madison and we shrieked “WHO IS THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN, FOR VERILY HE IS LIKE AN ANCIENT GREEK STATUE” to our companion) so we’ll keep it short. One name: Josh Strickland. One action: swoon. Here’s where he and the gang (Holly Madison, Angel Porrino, Laura Croft and some of the girls of Peepshow) like to hang.

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