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Palms Reveals A Revamped N9NE

Where: 4321 W Flamingo [map], 89103
January 14, 2014 at 11:41 PM | by | ()

N9NE is looking fine (Whee! Rhymes!) at Palms after closing for a quick remodel.

The off-Strip steakhouse is back with a stylin' new decor, a revamped menu and the addition of Center Table (seen above). Described as a "semi-private dining experience with prime location in the heart of the restaurant," Center Table is encased in sheer drapes so we're going to call it the 'look at me.. no, don't look at me' table. Meanwhile, a redesigned lounge (pictured below) provides a better view of the restaurant as a whole.

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Returning To N9NE Steakhouse

Where: 4321 West Flamingo Road [map], 89103
November 13, 2012 at 2:54 PM | by | ()

We haven't visited N9NE Steakhouse at Palms in a while so when a friend recommended it for dinner, we decided give it a whirl again. This writer's first visit was good. That visit was a few years ago and found a very modern decor along with good (not great) eats. Since then, nothing much at N9NE has changed. Chef Barry remains and the food is still good (not great). Meantime, the once cool decor seems a bit dated.


We sat down to our table and our waiter was quick to stop by. After planning to have a simple Grey Goose and soda, we were swayed to try the sangria on the cocktail menu. Sangria is always better by the pitcher, but the glass of extra fruity wine was nice. We just wanted to get the ball rolling with food so dinner started with a simple Caesar salad. The salad was fine, but nothing special. This salad could have easily been pulled from the Palms buffet and nobody would be surprised. Consider our palette whet for the main course.

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