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St. Patrick's Day Three Ways On The Vegas Strip

March 11, 2015 at 8:39 PM | by | ()

The green beer will be flowing in just a few days and, on the Las Vegas Strip, no three spots will get their Irish on more than O'Sheas at The LINQ, Rí Rá at Mandalay Place and pretty much all of New York-New York. Here's a rundown of what to expect at each for St. Patrick's Day:

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What Phase Two Of The Linq Brings You Now

Where: 89109
March 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

It's not even fully realized yet but The Linq has already accomplished its main goal. It's rerouting the flow of pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip.

This weekend, phase two of the outdoor mall dining and retail destination located between Flamingo and The Quad revealed itself to the public and this writer watched as lots of passersby chose to veer off Las Vegas Boulevard and stroll down the promenade to discover what was inside. The construction wall preventing folks from traversing the full-length of the promenade has finally been removed, allowing full access from The Strip to The High Roller. There's still not much in terms of open venues. In addition to the six tenants that debuted right before year's end -- KOTO, Starbucks, O'Sheas, Chayo, Purple Zebra and Haute Doggery -- Bella Scarpa and Ruby Blue (both boutiques for the ladies); Ghirardelli (chocolate shop); Chilli Beans (Brazilian eyewear brand); Yard House (a chain bar/restaurant); a Concierge Services office; and Sky Shop (the retail shop for the High Roller) all made their debuts over the weekend.

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Outdoor Drinking At The Linq

Where: 89109
February 28, 2014 at 3:37 PM | by | ()

One of the great things about Las Vegas is that it’s never really cold outside compared to most of the country. When it gets chilly, most outdoor spaces have heating lamps to keep things toasty. The Linq, being an outdoor mall retail and dining area, will have a couple bars/restaurants where we can enjoy the great outdoors almost all year round. Pool season isn't the only thing just around the corner; so is outdoor drinking weather.

Chayo was the first restaurant to open at The Linq and it brings not only Mexican food but a premium tequila bar that opens out onto The Linq promenade. Chorizo empinada? Check! Mas tequila? Check! Outdoor seating? Check! Second-level patio with umbrellas offering shade from the sun? Pass the Puncho Villa!

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O'Sheas News That Will Blow Your Mind

Where: 89109
January 15, 2014 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

After December's triumphant return of O'Sheas to Las Vegas, @jturoff1 on Twitter asked if we thought execs would expand it into the neighboring Quad casino if it was a runaway success.

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What The Linq Has To Offer Right Now

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
December 29, 2013 at 12:58 PM | by | ()

Caesars Entertainment has revealed the first section of The Linq, the newly created outdoor mall between The Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) and the Flamingo, but instead of beginning with six, there's just five right now.

What was once an alley is now an inviting, paver-lined promenade stretching from Las Vegas Boulevard down to the High Roller observation wheel. Or, rather it will stretch that far as soon as construction is complete. For now, pedestrians on the east side of The Strip can stroll down just a portion of The Linq before running into a barrier just beyond O'Sheas. Oh, yes. O'Sheas is back. But, first let's start at the very beginning.

From Las Vegas Boulevard, you can't miss The Linq, mostly due to its towering Strip-side pylon which is simply stunning in its clarity. Also jaw-dropping? The awkward street dancers which are frequently featured on the marquee. We're not too sure what is going on with that aside from an attempt to get youngsters to venture inside. No, that's not right. We're not sure what's up with that aside from an attempt to get the youngsters to venture inside, dawg. Yeah, that's better.

Despite the eye-catching pylon, this writer sat and watched as crowds of passersby streamed by The Linq without even a glance on Saturday afternoon. Others did at least swivel their heads for a look (most probably at the High Roller which gleamed in the background), but still kept right on by. Only handfuls of people here and there actually turned off the Strip and ventured down the promenade to discover what was within.

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The Linq To Begin With Six

December 18, 2013 at 9:24 PM | by | ()

On December 27, we'll get our first taste of The Linq.

The first six venues to make their debut within the newly created outdoor mall have been officially revealed and O'Sheas (yay!), Purple Zebra (mm'kay?) and Haute Doggery (hot diggity dog would be the most appropriate response, we're guessing) are among them.

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A Few New Things About The Linq

November 4, 2013 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

A view of The Linq from earlier this morning.

We know what we're saying here, but if things go as planned (knocks on wood), we could see the first venues open at The Linq, that outdoor mall being created between The Quad and Flamingo, next month. Including, maybe, the new O'Sheas.

The return of the dive casino (although, it will likely be up to you to make it so) should join the debuts of a handful of other outlets. (Although, we hear that many venues are more inclined to wait until the High Roller begins to send folks soaring which isn't expected until the second quarter of '14). They may include -- and we really can't stress the may part enough as this information was yielded through Internet searches of information that was last updated at anyone's guess -- KOTO, an eclectic gift shop; Sprinkles Cupcakes; and Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery. Although, it's a pretty safe bet that, at the very least, the last two are more likely a 'coming soon in 2014' thing. Update: We were able to confirm that Sprinkles won't open until "early 2014."

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The New O'Sheas Will Be Here By...

Where: 89109
October 30, 2013 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

While a new round of Vegas delays abound, we hope that's not the case for this next bit of joyous news.

We have it on very good authority that O'Sheas will return by New Year's Eve. Yes, if things go as planned, you could be back in O'Sheas -- albeit a completely new O'Sheas buried in the heart of The Linq -- in nine weeks or less.

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Did We Capture The Interior Of The New O'Sheas?

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
September 26, 2013 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

In our latest round-up of updates from The Linq, we posted a picture of a mystery bar and open space we found behind the newest temporary walls at The Quad.

Thanks to a comment by VegasChatter fan stevecovington1, we feel pretty confident in saying we found the new O'Sheas, as shown in the snapshots above and below.

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Getting Linq'd In On The Linq: The Timeline, The Tenants, The Map

August 6, 2013 at 6:14 PM | by | ()

A week ago, we were easing past security at the under-construction Linq between The Quad and the Flamingo, instead of just by them as we usually do.

A media hard hat tour had us pacing carefully down a still dirt thoroughfare, skirting uneven patches, stepping over this, being careful to avoid that while craning our necks up and all around, snapping off pics, and scribbling notes. All the while, wondering if an intentional, we mean, unintentional stumble would maybe score of us one of the first trips on The High Roller.

The latest media tour of The Linq, an open-air destination (i.e., head here for dining, drinking, shopping and general partying) where once an alley stood, was meant to focus on its architecture. Although, the most interest continued to focus (at least ours, anyway) on the Vortex, that.. umm.. vortex-shaped, silvery LED display building thing atop where O'Sheas once stood, and that already impressive observation wheel towering at the project's end.

As you can start to tell by simply peering down The Linq from The Strip, faux urbanism will await within. Lots of brick-lined walls and tree-lined sidewalks will be found. There will even be a large fountain to enjoy. Think a 2013 version of what New York-New York was melded with what, it sounds like, it's hoping to be. Comparisons may also be drawn to Town Square and Downtown Grand when all is said and done.

A narrative of futuristic (Vortex) to old-timey (the majority of the Linq's facade) was even trotted out. The journey of Las Vegas past to Vegas present and into future Vegas as you're pulled into the open-air mall by the Vortex. An interesting story idea. A colleague could see it. This writer thought it was a good way to explain a very apparent clash. One made even larger when the IP's old blue-tiled towers crept into view. Which was often. We asked about that. The party line is that future renovation phases over at The Quad will transform those. Sometime in the future. We had a year 2000 sense about that.

The media event yielded no major news, only providing a chance to view the state of things now. But, being the nosey sort, we do have several things to share. Ok, make that a lot. Caesars Entertainment says more official announcements will be released soon. We're pretty sure they'll make official those additional tenants we've previously revealed (here and here) as well as some additional venues not yet on our radar.


First, despite what most news reports continue to state, The Linq doesn't open this December. It begins to open this December. VegasChatter has been stating that it will be a multi-phased opening for a while now. We're not tooting our own horn (much), we just wish a larger majority would do the same. It's confusing to the general public and it's a fairly simple fact to deduce and report. (End rant.)

Here's what we now know after the tour: The Linq will soft open in December. What does that mean? The thoroughfare will open to pedestrians. Maybe, probably, a handful of venues. Mostly, the thoroughfare. In February is when things will really launch and the majority of the Linq will come online. But, not the High Roller which is aiming for a debut around the second quarter of 2014.


The above photo shows what will be an entrance to the Flamingo from within The Linq, not too far off The Strip. The pink-mirrored glass will help you find it. So, will the oversized, towering flamingos that will flank its doors.


Yes, O'Sheas will be back. Its old signage, saved from demolition, now hangs over its new home, tucked out of sight from The Strip. Expect gaming, booze and beer pong. And, it might open in December, but February seems more likely.

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On The Strip, O'Sheas Returns, Bill's Departs

May 16, 2013 at 8:20 PM | by | ()

Caesars Entertainment giveth, taketh, and giveth again.

It's been just over a year since O'Sheas shuttered on The Strip. At the time, execs promised it would return and now there's a sure sign of it. Actually, there's a real sign. O'Sheas' sign. The VP of The Linq posted this photo of the sign's return yesterday on Instagram.

Our Jeff Prozeller swung by the construction site last night and again this morning to snap new pics of the $500 million project. You can view them in the photo gallery below. The one thing he couldn't see from The Strip, however, was said O'Sheas sign indicating it's new home will be tucked further into the outdoor mall open-air promenade.

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A New Look At The Ever-Changing Linq, Quad And High Roller

February 21, 2013 at 9:03 PM | by | ()

Every week, we get a new glimpse at what a finished Quad, Linq and High Roller will look like. What was once O'Sheas now bears a growing glass-and-silver exterior. Next door, The Quad continues to lose a bit more of its Imperial-ness while adding an orange facade in places. Recently, the renamed property also gained a new exterior logo. Unfortunately, it's atop a building that still screams IP. Meantime, the High Roller observation wheel climbs ever skyward.

VegasChatter fan and all-around awesome guy @John_Nissan on Twitter recently (and happily) took on the huge task of chronically the latest visible changes for us. His fantastic images, all taken during the afternoon of February 19, can be found below.

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