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The Rain Had Some Benefits (As Long As You Weren't After a Hot Girl Straight To Your Room)

January 26, 2010 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

And there you were thinking last week’s rain was all bad. On the contrary. Not only did it provide sorely needed succour for the desert or something equally technical, but it also sent the card snappers scurrying for shelter. Here’s the scene outside Harrah's on Friday night – ie, prime hookah-touting time. How calm does it look? How nice must it have been to walk out of your hotel unmolested? (Unless you were counting on scoring a couple of numbers like the disappointed confused-looking gents in this picture probably weren't, officer.)

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It's a Good Thing There's Plenty to Do in Vegas on a Rainy Day

January 21, 2010 at 7:25 PM | by | ()

The rain has been coming down steadily in Vegas for three days now and if you're in town experiencing it, it's quite awesome if we do say so ourselves. Sure, the rain sucks and it's messy and all but now you don't have to feel bad if you've spent the entire day inside at the tables. Unlike in the summer when we feel guilty just because we forgot to step outside during the course of our 36-hour bender.

Check out the awesome rain photos from the LV Sun here.

Here's what else is on in Vegas aside from wetness:
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· Vegas Uncork'd releases schedule of events [We Do It All Vegas]
· $55 KA Tickets from Cirque [Cirque]
· Southwest Airlines grounded planes today in SoCal because of the bad weather [LA Times]

[Photo: SteveMarcus/LV Sun]