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How Did We Miss These Crazy Cool Bingo Machines?

October 26, 2012 at 8:38 PM | by | ()

We thought it was all about fancy daubers and lucky trolls. We'd been wanting to try our hand at Bingo if the opportunity arose, but it just kept alluding us. Walking by the very nice Red Rock Casino Bingo Hall, it seemed as good a time as any. But, now actually walking through the doors, hearing the caller announce Countdown Coveralls and Double Hardways and seeing folks staring at video screens, we realized we had zero clue how to play bingo in a very professional setting. The answer? Do absolutely nothing and let this magic box take care of everything.

We asked the nice lady behind the counter, how best to play? She told us pick up one of the portable electronic players, decide how much we were willing to bet ($20), she entered some details in her computer, included a few dollar bonus games and advised us on some simple do's and don'ts. Then, the Bingo Star terminal does all the work.

You choose your own lucky terminal from shelves charging the machines during the games. Then you sit down, enter the access code number from your receipt and the wireless box immediately starts logging all the numbers called out. You don't have to do a thing. You could read a newspaper while the games play. When you get within one number of Bingo, it buzzes. When you win, the machine gets all excited. Then an actual human checks your numbers and hands over your winnings.

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Happy Hour: Our New Obsession

August 31, 2012 at 4:16 PM | by | ()

Happy Hour for boozing? Happy Hour for dinner? Do you Happy Hour? This writer recently discovered the greatness of the Las Vegas Happy Hour. The Happy Hour concept isn't anything new but it's not something that I looked for during vacation.

Trips to Las Vegas were either centered around fin dining or planned so loosely that dinner didn't matter. See, for me Happy Hour is more about the great food discounts than the drink discounts. Recently I've been to Oscar's for half of drinks and ended up having a fantastic steak. Conversely, I knew that Herbs & Rye had half price food specials and visited there for what turned out to be a steak that was worth its half price discount and no more.

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When It Comes To Gambling, Does Location Really Matter?

August 29, 2012 at 5:22 PM | by | ()

We know that everyone wants the games with the best odds in the casino, whether it's tables or machines. With that said, would you rather play a game with the best odds in a bad location or would you rather play a game with worse odds in a location you like?

This writer comes across this scenario pretty often as you might imagine. The best video poker games at Red Rock are located as the first bank of machines next to the doors. This location stinks. Every time someone walks in or out of the casino there's either a cold burst or hot burst of air. Besides possibly getting sick from the constant temperature changes, it's not the most comfortable location in the casino.

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When It Comes To Comps, The Sales Tax Is Comp'd Too

August 28, 2012 at 4:05 PM | by | ()

When using comps to purchase a cup of coffee the other day we remembered something about comp purchases. There is no sales tax charged when using comps for purchasing a meal, or anything else. This saves 8.1% if you're using the comps to purchase anything from the gift shop to a nice meal. It only added up to a few cents with the cup of coffee, but those pennies add up when you're buying overpriced jewelry at the gift shop or enjoying some fine dining at a restaurant.

This sales tax "discount" is also available even if you're not covering the entire bill with your comps. At Red Rock Casino, we have to take a specific amount of comps from their kiosk to use at the restaurant. We underestimated the cost of a cup of coffee and saw the tax removed from our bill.

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Piecing Together Our Dream Sportsbook

April 24, 2012 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

The sportsbook of The Mirage.

We talk about sportsbooks a lot. We love spending time at the sportsbook. There is little better at a casino then hanging out with some friends, enjoying a drink and watching games that we have a few bucks on. Just like everything in the world, there is no perfect sportsbook experience, but we thought it would be fun to make a Frankenstein sportsbook with all of our favorite bits and pieces from various sportsbooks. It's make believe, so let's not be concerned with costs.

First thing we'd like in a sportsbook are new TV screens like the TVs at the Venetian sportsbook. This may be the single most important thing for us. After all, we're watching the games. The TVs should be crisp and clear. In a perfect world, the TVs would be replaced yearly so they're always new.

We'd like free drink tickets when we place a fairly priced wager like we can get at Red Rock Casino. Hey, who doesn't want a free drink? We're not unreasonable enough to think the casino would just give a freebie without placing a bet. This may seem old school since sportsbooks have been trying to cut this out of their expenses.

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The Last Cards Have Been Dealt At The Silverton's Poker Room

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
February 3, 2012 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

After writing about Fitzgeralds closing its poker room last week, we learned that Silverton was closing their poker room as well.

While not many tears seem to have been shed with the closing of the Fitz room, people seemed to enjoy the small, yet fun poker room at the Silverton. After reading more reviews, it seems as if more locals enjoyed playing at the nearby South Point and M resorts. The poker room at Red Rock Casino always seems busy with locals, too, so we may just have to chalk these closures up to demand.

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Breakfast in the Burbs

November 15, 2011 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree. Being born and raised in New York we weren't much for big breakfasts. A buttered bagel and coffee were enough for us most of the time. However, there are times where we crave something more than just a bagel and we've found a few great options on the west side of Las Vegas that range from a simple bagel at a not-so-kosher deli to one of the best bargains in Las Vegas - the breakfast buffet at Red Rock Casino.

It took us quite a few recommendations before we found a place to get a decent bagel in Vegas, but we're happy to say we found our place.

The Bagel Cafe in Summerlin easily has the best bagels in town, but that's not what sold us. It was the use of salted butter on our bagel that did the trick. We haven't found this anywhere else and the salted butter is very old school and not found in many places. In fact, The Bagel Cafe has a location at Red Rock Casino that does not have the same butter. Not a big deal for most, but something we noticed. While The Bagel Cafe looks and acts like an East Coast kosher deli it's far from it as they serve the unholiest of foods, bacon.

One of the first places we found for a great breakfast in suburbia was Mimi's Cafe down the street from the Suncoast Casino.

Shortly after telling someone we'll meet them at one of our favorite breakfast joints, we learned that there are three locations in Las Vegas and a few others out west. Nothing wrong with a chain restaurant if the food is good. Mimi's has a very French country cottage feel that our mom loved, but she agreed with us that the breakfast is fantastic.

There are many different dishes that are good, but our favorite is easily the amazing brioche french toast. There is an espresso bar, but the coffee is good. One selling point for us is free WiFi and the staff's allowance to let us just hang out and use it if we want. Sometimes restaurants aren't so relaxed about this as they need to turn tables over to get tips. The downside that we found here is that the lunch and dinner were not as awesome as the breakfast.

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Station Casinos (Rumored) To Get 'Appy Soon

October 25, 2011 at 12:10 PM | by | ()

As football season began, we spent a lot of time at Red Rock Casino's sportsbook -- watching games, drinking beer and chatting with random people we'd meet.

One day, we got to discussing Station Casinos online sports betting website, Sports Connection, since there are times we'd much rather send our wagers in online from home than hop in the car and drive to the book. Unfortunately, we're Apple people and frustrated that we can't use Sports Connection to bet from our couch on lazy days. This particular conversation took us to mobile gaming. We were sharing our excitement that Leroy's would have an iPhone sports wagering app soon.

Our new friend mentioned to us that Station was working on their own sports betting apps and that they would be available by the end of the year. We were stoked, but this conversation was more off the cuff than official word from Station Casinos. Last week, after the Leroy's iPhone app was released we heard from another person that the Station Casinos apps were in the works, but with no ETA mentioned.

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The Score: VegasChatter's 2011 Guide To Everything Football (We Could Find)

September 9, 2011 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

Please. Hold the applause.

Football season is back, baby, and VegasChatter has got you covered. From where to find a bottomless brunch to how to go all in for pigskin, we've created The Score for an at-a-glance guide on where to find the best parties, hottest specials, and more all season long.

Find out everything about football in Vegas by just scrolling down. Interested in a specific hotel or company? Then click on the links below to jump right to that section. And while you're here, don't forget to check out our picks for the top five sportsbooks in town.

Boyd GamingCantorCrazy Horse IIIEncoreI ♥ BurgersImperial PalaceLas Vegas HiltonMain Street StationMandalay BayNew York-New YorkPalazzoPlanet HollywoodPBR Rock BarRed Rock CasinoStation CasinosStratosphereThe MirageTreasure Island

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Mobile Sports Gaming Continues To Expand

August 29, 2011 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

Over the past year, sports gaming in Las Vegas has exploded in it's own right. While sportsbooks have only made up 1% of casino income in the past, the recent expansion into statewide mobile gaming should allow for that number to increase, if only slightly.

A couple weeks ago, we were told to expect the Leroy's mobile app for iPhone in time for the beginning of football season (ahem, that's this week) and, last week, while placing a wager at Red Rock Casino, we learned that Station Casinos will follow Leroy's with an iPhone sports betting app of its own by the end of the year.

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When a Frosty Reception is a Good Thing

August 25, 2011 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

There are not many better things in life than a nice cold beer. Especially on a summer afternoon when it's 110 degrees outside in Vegas. There are quite a few ways to find that perfectly cold beer. Sometimes bars have a nice chill on their kegs and sometimes they'll have bottles of beer sitting on ice for easy access. One of the things we've come to enjoy in addition to a nice chilled beer is a cold glass - whether it's for a bottle of beer or beer from a tap.

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It's Almost Time For Some Football

August 24, 2011 at 5:16 PM | by | ()

We're less than two weeks from the college football season beginning and three weeks from the NFL season! Yay! The NFL lockout from this spring and summer still has us wound up and we have a ravenous desire for the seasons to start.

We think that packing three months of off-season maneuvering into one week really set us off this year. We even placed our first preseason wagers ever before we headed to Brand Steakhouse the other night for some amazing mac n' cheese, steak and wine.

Various reports confirm that between the takedown of some illegal online sportsbooks and the lockout this VegasChatter member is not the only person wound up and that football betting is heavier than expected. Bars, restaurants and sportsbooks in Vegas are preparing for the rush with a variety of promotions and contests built around the kickoff of the NFL season.

Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood will have plenty of food and drink specials for everyone beginning September 1 while Rockhouse will have drink specials beginning with NFL opening night on September 8th. We're all for booze and food, but when talking football we're most intrigued by Station Casinos contests. The My Great Giveaway contests are, comparably, inexpensive wih a $25 entry fee. For example, the Hilton's SuperContest (the most famous) is $1,500 per entry. Of course, the bigger investment will give better returns, but we're attracted to the charm and cost of the Station contests.

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