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8 Vegas Spots That Are (Surprise!) Still Open: The 2013 Edition

October 9, 2013 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

A year ago, we culled a list of 15 spots, surprisingly, still open. A list partial tongue-in-cheek, partial kudos and a whole lotta shock. In drafting a 2013 follow-up, if Mr. Pappagiorgio hadn't taken a vacation and we'd published just two weeks ago, we would've looked like bonafide geniuses. Goretorium and Heraea are two spots that would've topped the list and have just shut their doors. The Las Vegas Zoo may have even made the cut if we'd looked far enough away from The Strip and downtown. Timing is everything, after all. But, we're up to a challenge and are ready to callout less easy pickin's.

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We Highly Recommend Rock Of Ages (But, Hope We Never Have To See It Again)

January 7, 2013 at 8:33 PM | by | ()

Raise your fists, bang your head and feel the noise. Rock of Ages has crashed the party at the Venetian. Some of you will love it. For the rest of us, make sure you know what you are heading into.

Set in 1987, despite a handful of songs dated from later in the 1980s, this is a jukebox musical based around hair-metal hits of the Eighties. You'll know most of them. You can feel the anticipation in the audience when certain song lyrics are first spoken. Then a sense of dread for others as they start to sing out the whole song.

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How A Rock Of Ages Lead Rocks (and Relaxes) Vegas

December 20, 2012 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

Kyle Lowder: less soap, more swooning.

Time for another My Vegas. It’s hard trying to keep tabs on all the happenin’ stuff in Sin City, so we’re calling in expert advice. Every time we bump into a Vegas celeb, we’ll grill them on where they rate and what they like to do (yes, handily, this can also double as a stalker’s guide to Vegas).

Readers may not yet relate the celeb featured in our latest installment of My Vegas as a Vegas celeb. For good reason since we grilled Kyle Lowder, who plays Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages, a show that just made it's debut at the Venetian a few short days ago. But we're told soap opera fans may recognize him from...wikipedia...wikipedia....Days of Our Lives or The Bold and the Beautiful.

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How Ready To Rock Is The Venetian's Sands Theatre? Not So Much

November 15, 2012 at 7:32 PM | by | ()

Are you prepared to be rocked Las Vegas? That's what their website is asking. Rock of Ages, the musical that inspired the film and the Venetian's Bourbon Room, debuts on December 18. So, we wanted to see how the theatre was taking shape.

Way back in August, we steered you wrong, by saying the show was taking residency in the space formerly occupied by Phantom. That's what the casting call to prospective performers said. They, like, totally lied! No, the former Blue Man Group theatre will be where all the action will go down. Officially the Sands Theatre, it'll be re-branded the Rock Of Ages Theatre. And, how prepared is the venue to rock? Not so much from the outside.

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Rock Of Ages Ready To Knock Your Slots Off

October 23, 2012 at 6:39 PM | by | ()

The live show doesn't start until December 18, but you can practice some early head-bangin' at the Venetian's all-new Rock Of Ages slot machines. The 80s, hair-metal, jukebox musical Rock of Ages, replacing the departed Blue Man Group, is benefiting from a hard sell by the resort.

We stumbled upon the new display just as it became operational. Twenty dedicated, themed, Rock of Ages penny slots. The slammin' square set-up features a drum kit, flames and a boat load of steel. But, wait. There's more!

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Rock Of Ages Tickets On Sale, But Good Luck Finding A Booking Site

September 24, 2012 at 9:41 PM | by | ()

Tickets for Rock of Ages at Venetian went on sale this past Saturday and we didn't think much of it until we went online today to see if the first night had sold out. That's when we discovered that actually finding a site on which to buy the tickets was a good five-minute Internet search.

For some reason, the show isn't listed at all on Venetian.com even though that's where a press release sent out on Friday told us to go. A bit of perplexed Googling eventually took us to rockofvegas.com which said ticketing info was "coming soon." Another round of Google roulette found us at rockofagesmusical.com.. which sent us to the Ticketmaster page for the Sands Theater where a ticketing calendar was finally listed.

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Dude! Rock Of Ages To Replace Phantom Of The Opera

August 6, 2012 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

Big city dreams of rockin' out on a Las Vegas stage? Well, don't stop believing. Auditions for the Venetian's new musical extravaganza, Rock of Ages, are just around the corner. And, you won't believe where the show will be performing each night.

It's been a source of much speculation around town who will be replacing The Phantom of the Opera. It closes on September 2 after a five year run. Construction bids for the theater's remodel closed last Thursday and they need to need to move fast to change this space around. Safe to say, the likes of Phantom will not be seen in this town again with such an enormous cast and crew combined with an elaborately staged experience.

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The Bourbon Room, Rock of Ages Create A Quiet Riot At Venetian

Where: 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
June 4, 2012 at 7:59 PM | by | ()

"Wanna Rock?"

The bare-chested gentleman in a white, 80s hair-band wig, leather Mad Max waistcoat and pants, and wearing sunglasses at night, would be most interested to learn if you would like to rock. He's equally intrigued if you ever thought you'd hear Highway To Hell by AC/DC at Venetian. He's yelling and punching the air so we're assured of the sincerity of his inquiry. Truth be told, we thought we would. We really did. It's one of the worst kept secrets in town. The Broadway musical and soon-to-be big-screen Tom Cruise movie, Rock Of Ages, is (officially) coming to the Venetian in December. Until then, you have The Bourbon Room (loosely based on the main location of the show) to make sure you're never bereft of your nightly Vegas fix of Diamond Dave, Quiet Riot, or Paradise City.

The Bourbon Room is an amped-up new lounge that replaces La Scena Lounge, previously home to The Peter Monroy Band -- a cover band specializing in 80s rock hits and hair band style riffs. Hmmm. Those guys now do gangbuster business across the casino in the Zebra Lounge. Rock of Ages is the hook, but not the whole point of The Bourbon Room and we think it's going to do very well based on the very enthusiastic responses opening night.

Simple premise: Lots of bourbon. An L.A. Sunset Strip-type bar. Everyone in 80s inspired clothes. A VJ yells out pumped up rockin' slogans, blasting a siren to punctuate his rockisms. And, after 8 p.m., the servers put down their trays and thrown down choreographed dance numbers in sync with the video backdrops. Yeah, it's deliberately non-serious. But, with the right customers, the devil-horns get displayed, fists pump the air, shot glasses raise and hair starts thrashing.

No cover charge and you are instantly in an 80's themed mini-club. One where everyone likes the same type of music. If you don't dig the first two songs you hear when you walk inside, you'll not be persuaded to stay long. Not even a random Prince cut is going to dissuade you. It's a broad, but particular clientele they are catering to.

We've also been to the Zebra Lounge and seen the, um, spirited enthusiasm on the dance floor when the Peter Monroy Band starts belting their spin on 80s hits. It's a scene. Go sit a spell and grab a cocktail in that joint, too. Meanwhile, The VJ's at Bourbon play the hits on the big screens and it proves to be hypnotic. MTV nostalgia. YouTube for the over 30s. It'll draw folks like a moth. And it's steps from the casino. A wide open design and yet dark enough to feel apart from the gaming floor. The servers, who double up as the performers, are incredibly nice and are having a great time. And, you have plenty of drink options. We've included the menu in our gallery. We'd heard rumors of food being served, but no. Maybe down the line?

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