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Room Renovations For Encore

Where: 3121 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
March 11, 2015 at 9:58 PM | by | ()

Something else to kick up your heels about.

Another Strip hotel is working to bring you all-new accommodations. In addition to Mandalay Bay, Encore also will see a room remodel for 2015.

VegasChatter reader Ryan M. wrote in recently seeking confirmation and details:

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Gold Spike's New Hotel Takes You Back, Way Back

Where: 217 Las Vegas Blvd. [map], 89101
December 2, 2014 at 2:53 PM | by | ()

A bed in an Ultimate Crash Pad at Oasis.

Those lamenting the loss of highly themed Vegas resorts can dry their eye, at least a little. The newly reopened Oasis At Gold Spike offers something that Vegas visitors have been missing for years: a fully immersive experience in one resort, albeit on a small scale. However, instead of a balloon flight to the Emerald City (MGM Grand of the 90s) or a ride down the Nile to ancient Egypt (a pre-modernized Luxor), guests at downtown’s newest boutique hotel can journey back in time to their free-wheeling college years.

If a certain mid-Strip resort hadn’t already bastardized the name, Oasis At Gold Spike could have easily been called The Quad. From the moment you're buzzed through the entrance (now on the east side at Las Vegas Boulevard) and pass the bicycles parked along the patio (available to rent, BTW), you’ll have flashbacks to your dorm days. If you've never attended college, here's your chance to experience the fun.

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A VegasChatter Reader Sleeps On It Then Fills Us In On The LINQ Hotel

Where: 89109
November 3, 2014 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

The disappearing blue roofline of the Imperial Palace The Quad The LINQ Hotel as captured by Jeff S.

As The Quad it was the stuff of nightmares, but as The LINQ Hotel the aging center Strip property has a brand new vibe and is getting a second look from travelers who swore, "never again."

The LINQ Hotel saw its first official day of business October 30, welcoming its first guests into a first batch of newly remodeled rooms. Among those who checked in were VegasChatter readers Fernando P. and Jeff C. Each received certificates of recognition for being the first guests in their respective accommodations. Photos of Fernando's room can be seen in the photo gallery below while full-size pictures from Jeff have been placed throughout this page. Jeff also was kind enough to review his stay for us. His account is below, in his own words.

On Thursday, I checked my rates and booked it last minute. I am a diamond member but don't gamble too often anymore so my rates were better than having no players card but not free. I paid $99 total plus tax for 30th and 31st. I went to VIP services to register and I was in and out. They actually have bottled water and sodas in there. The sodas come in the glass bottles and the Pepsi is the one from Mexico. It does taste different but it's good. The Mountain Dew is made with real sugar.

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If You Miss The Design Flair Of THEHotel, Head To New York-New York

Where: 89109
October 28, 2014 at 6:38 PM | by | ()

The arrival of Delano Las Vegas brought an airy-and-bright South Beach style to the dark, contemporary haven that once was THEhotel. If you preferred then to now, you may be surprised to learn you can still enjoy all those warm chocolate tones and pops of orange... just not at Mandalay Bay.

VegasChatter Twitter follower @MLSDC tweeted us after discovering THEhotel's design aesthetic still lived on just down the Strip:

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Then And Wow: Remembering The Transformation Of Bellagio's Rooms

Where: 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
June 25, 2014 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

Way back in 2007, our sister site HotelChatter was not impressed with the rooms at Bellagio, one of the premier (obviously) hotels on The Strip. For all the talk about Bellagio being the best in town, we found the room decor to be nondescript, non sequential, and non-stylish. It was dominated by a massive brown armoire which overpowered the room. In the bathroom, we found some very questionable wallpaper. We also noticed a stain on the headboard. See for yourself just how "BLAH" this room was in 2007 in the video below.

Well, it took a few years, but Bellagio finally upgraded their guest rooms in 2011 and, boy, was it an improvement.

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While The Strip Is Changing, Which Three Casinos Are Stuck In The Past?

May 29, 2014 at 1:51 PM | by | ()

This year, things are really moving on The Strip. The Cromwell and High Roller are off and running, Bally’s is getting Bazaar, and room renovations are (finally) underway at The Quad. And, that’s just center Strip. There’s action at the ends of The Strip as well; rooms are being revealed at The Delano and Resorts World is taking steps towards reality.

In all the excitement, it’s easy to forget about those places that haven’t changed. Here at VegasChatter, we’re keeping track. We think it’s time the three casino-hotels listed below wake from their slumbers and give us something to get excited about.

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When We Might Be Able To Book Renovated Rooms At The Quad

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
April 4, 2014 at 1:21 PM | by | ()

In March, we learned The Quad's room remodel was just weeks away from beginning. Now, we can confirm they are, indeed, underway.

Although quite a few VegasChatter readers have reported receiving sneak peeks of the model rooms, we've yet to see them ourselves or uncover design renderings. (If you have some you want to share on the down low, send them our way.)

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South Point Isn't Done Bringing The New

Where: 9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89183
January 20, 2014 at 12:39 PM | by | ()

South Point is spending $35 million to bring the Priefert Pavilion, an expansion of its event arena and the addition of a tournament bowling facility, to Vegas this summer. But, that's not the only part of the hotel-casino receiving an infusion of new.

The not technically on the Strip, but still on Las Vegas Boulevard property is spending another $3 mil to make improvements in other areas, too. The most noticeable is taking place on the casino floor. Or, rather, to the casino floor.

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Bally's Opens Renovated Rooms For Stays

Where: 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
September 18, 2013 at 4:09 PM | by | ()

Sometimes even we fall victim to Murphy's law. The same day we called Bally's out for blandness of all blandness, property reps announced that those promised room renovations were available to enjoy.

In June, Bally's execs announced that the property's South tower would be relabeled Jubilee and would feature renovated "ultra modern" accommodations. At the time, November 1 was the earliest available date for bookings, but that changed yesterday. There are now 756 redesigned rooms to crash in and each starts at $99 a night, according to a press release. While the rooms did not get any bigger, they do feature new flat-screen TVs, furniture, beds, carpeting and wall coverings as well as redesigned bathrooms, too. This, however, can not be said for the tower's suites, nor for the north tower, period. We're promised more news on the Jubilee tower's suites "later this year."

Back on the good news front, though, in-room safes are now "complimentary." We just ranted about the WTF $3 safe charge on top of the resort fee. Clearly, our work here is now done.

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MGM Really Wants You To Stay Well

Where: 89109
September 16, 2013 at 5:43 PM | by | ()

We stayed in one and were better for it. Even if SNL did poke a little fun at them.

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The New Looks Of Four Bellagio Suites

February 18, 2013 at 7:37 PM | by | ()

By now, you've probably seen the new looks of Bellagio's standard accommodations. You may have even stayed in one. (Especially, since they first started coming online back in August of 2011.) But, have you seen the new designs of its suites? Chances are, you may not have as they just recently became complete.

VegasChatter received tours of the resort's newly renovated Bellagio Suite (read: stay here if you want a separate living room and bedroom), Executive Hospitality Suite (read: conference room included), Executive Parlor Suite (read: pool table featured), and the singular 4,705-square-foot, Strip-facing Chairman Suite atop the hotel's Spa Tower (read: if you have to ask how much...). We compiled our snapshots of each into the photo galleries you see below. After you check them out, let us know what you think!

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Do You Know The Newly Remodeled Hotel?

January 9, 2013 at 11:54 PM | by | ()

Ok, all you Vegas smarty pants. We've got what, we think, might be a tough one for you. Newly remodeled hotel accommodations that you may not have heard about yet. Or, if you have, actually seen. Take a close look at the renovated room above and then leave your best guess as to the hotel that claims it below. Need some clues first? Here are a few:

●This hotel is not on the Strip.
●The renovation is part of a multi-million dollar refresh that also included the casino floor. (We won't say how much lest you try to Google it!)
●More locals than tourists head here.
●It has just two dining spots.

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