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At TI, The Pirate Show That Could Have Been

Where: 3300 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
December 18, 2014 at 4:21 PM | by | Comments (5)

It’s been just over a year since TI abruptly pulled the plug on its outdoor pirate spectacle. Original plans called for a brief hiatus during construction on a shopping mall located adjacent to the show’s viewing area. Instead, in late 2013, TI informed the Sirens of TI cast the production would not be returning. Few expected such a drastic move. Even TI staffers anticipated a revised show to emerge once construction settled down. Now, we’ve learned that an upgraded show actually was in the works and that it could have been The Strip’s latest tech marvel.

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The Show Will Go On At the Penny Pibbets Show

December 17, 2014 at 2:28 PM | by | Comments (4)

Star of Absinthe and sock puppeteer extraordinaire Penny Pibbets recently took to crowdsourcing in search of cash to free herself from the Gazillionaire's clutches and launch The Penny Pibbets show. Her now closed campaign topped its nearly $20,000 goal, garnering support from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and Holly Madison along the way (but, most importantly, prompting Penny to call Vegaschatter awesome friends).

Which means the show will go on! The Penny Pibbets Show debuts this Sunday, December 21 at the Art Square Theater inside downtown's Art District. The show is billed as a live TV talk show with a variety of guests. "Like a stripper in a dollar bill cage, you'll never know when she's going to go nuts." For now, it runs through January 6, 2015 but we're, of course, hoping she gets an extension we can get behind. Especially, since she was "fired" from Absinthe.

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Can't Help Falling In Love With Spirit Of The King

Where: 202 Fremont Street [map], 89101
December 16, 2014 at 12:00 PM | by | Comment (1)

Shows in Downtown Vegas often seem to close faster than the time it takes to get from the ticket window to your seat. For the ever-changing 9 p.m. roster at Four Queens, that hasn't necessarily been something to cry over. We’ve endured some real disasters there for the sake of our readers (exhibit A and exhibit B). The current late-evening offering is an Elvis tribute, Spirit of the King, starring Steve Connolly. Will it make you want to stick around after the 7 p.m. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic show? You bet your blue suede shoes.

Tribute artists rarely receive the praise they deserve. In an era where some Vegas performers can get away with lip-synching and stumbling their way through a hit residency, the lowly celebrity impersonator has to wow you with genuine musical or comedy talents while simultaneously trying to convince you they’re somebody else. Even when impersonators use pre-recorded audio tracks (as is the norm for drag performances), they’re sometimes more entertaining than the real deal. If you doubt that, check out Derrick Barry’s stunningly convincing Britney Spears impersonation at Divas Las Vegas or Share Nightclub.

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MJ Live, Rat Pack Is Back To Find New Home On Strip

Where: 89109
December 15, 2014 at 4:39 PM | by | Comments (5)

They've become off-Strip mainstays, now two Vegas productions are trading one "R" named resort for another.

MJ Live and Rat Pack Is Back will see their final shows at the Rio on February 22. Word has it they're being booted for that Duck Dynasty musical. (Hoping you cringed when you read that as much as I did when I wrote it.) Both shows won't disappear from the entertainment landscape, though; a change of scenery will place them at the Riviera beginning March 2.

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Melody Sweets Knows How To Keep Ol' St. Nick Extra Jolly

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
December 9, 2014 at 10:36 PM | by | Comments (0)

We don’t need much goading to get excited about a Melody Sweets project. When it has reasonably priced tickets and a charity component, well, that’s pretty much a slam dunk in our books. The sultry singer who performs as the Green Fairy in Absinthe will strip down to something that’s sure to be festive at her XXXMas: A Burlesque Christmas Spectacular.

The naughty holiday show set for December 23 will feature eccentric performer Johnny Fayva as St. Prick (no, not a mistake) and will include some of Melody’s co-stars from Absinthe as well as the dearly departed Vegas Nocturne. The 18+ show is slated to feature insanely talented tappers The Scott Brothers, bubble girl Charlie Starling, aerialists Ming & Alexa (all from Absinthe) plus Vegas Nocturne contortionist Candy Charlotte and Aya Fontaine and Buttecup Delight from Holly Madison’s 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque.

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The Holidays Get Legendary At Flamingo

Where: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
December 9, 2014 at 6:02 PM | by | Comment (1)

With the holiday season in full swing, you may want a side of Santa with your Vegas shows. Legends in Concert over at Flamingo gives just a taste of season’s greetings with the holiday version of its show. Each “legend” drops in one or two holiday tunes into his or her performance so you’ll still get the majority of the show’s regular format with a dash of Christmas (and Hanukkah!) cheer.

The lineup changes on any given night but it’s a safe bet you’ll be familiar with the folks the tribute artists are portraying. The rotating cast includes tributes to Rod Stewart, Elton John, Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, Liberace, Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Madonna and Adele while the lineup we saw featured Elvis, Britney Spears, Bobby Darin, Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand.

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For Its 10th Anniversary, Le Reve Breathes

Where: 89109
December 8, 2014 at 9:33 PM | by | Comments (5)

Le Reve is a Vegas conundrum. Strong enough to have been seen by millions, it's usually not the first most recommend when someone asks, "what should I see in Vegas?"

Shades of Cirque, the production is so similar to its competition it's often mistaken for it and, mayhap, not given a fair shake by some for that same reason. The production values are amazing. The athleticism is amazing. The bodies are amazing. (Is that the same thing?) There's water. And, dancing. And, incredible acrobatics. There are a lot of reasons to finally cross Le Reve off your Vegas list, if you haven't already. I just did it myself (insert gasp here) after likely nearly causing a publicist to swoon with my "never seen it" admission.

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Miranda Sings Is Coming To The Plaza, But You Won't Be Able To See Her

Where: 1 Main Street [map], 89101
December 5, 2014 at 8:42 PM | by | Comments (4)

Miranda Sings is YouTube famous so, if you've never heard of her, that's probably why.

I'd never heard of her, either, until this week's webisode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee hit the Internet. Since seeing her special brand of, umm, comedy, I'm not sure if I actually "get it" (this is the moment I turn "old"), but it did spark my interest when I discovered she's headed to the Plaza for a two-day run in January.

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Now At The Riv: Big Cats And Classic Vegas Cheese

Where: 2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
December 5, 2014 at 7:21 PM | by | Comments (0)

It’s out with the old and in with the new as Riviera gets an updated entertainment lineup. Jan Rouven has moved on to the Trop while the new magician taking his spot isn’t actually new to the Vegas scene.

Dirk Arthur has played all around town in venues at Silverton, Tropicana, Plaza and O’Shea’s. Most recently, he’s been playing in Laughlin and Reno and has weathered some criticism about how he keeps his animals. He’s gotten up to code and is now back in town with his Wild Illusions, featuring his signature big cats, along with some other critters.

The self-avowed conservationist and animal lover runs a brief video during the performance to show a bit about how he trains the massive and endangered animals he uses in his performance. It’s a wonder the Riv can handle the insurance such wild animals must add to the cost of a show, but they’re all securely leashed during the performance and Arthur does have decades of training experience.

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What To Expect From Jeff Dunham's Residency At Planet Hollywood

Where: 89109
December 4, 2014 at 8:31 PM | by | Comment (1)

Having never seen Jeff Dunham’s show or TV performances before, this VegasChatter writer wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All I knew was he was famous for a puppet named Achmed the Dead Terrorist and people had said he used a lot of racial humor in his act.

In his newest stage production at Planet Hollywood, “Not Playing with a Full Deck,” the ventriloquist and stand-up comedian definitely does employ racial humor. It’s nothing overly offensive, in a stand-up context at least, but do be prepared for some off color remarks, or rather, about color remarks.

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KA's Battle Scene Returns A Year And A Half After Tragic Accident

Where: 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
December 4, 2014 at 7:07 PM | by | Comments (4)

Yesterday, emotions were high in the KA Theater at MGM Grand, but the energy was even higher. At a press preview of the newly reworked “battle scene” from the well-loved Cirque du Soleil production, minds were on the events of a year and a half ago when artist Sarah Guyard-Guillot fell to her death during a performance when the cable attached to her safety harness came out of its track and was severed.

In the wake of the tragedy, Cirque officials worked with OSHA and two independent groups to analyze exactly what happened. They then met with their artists who wanted to honor Guyard-Guillot’s legacy and the integral scene in the storyline of their show by bringing back the epic battle.

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Terry Fator's 'A Country Christmas' Makes Spirits Bright

Where: 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
December 2, 2014 at 4:58 PM | by | Comments (4)

In Vegas, the holiday spirit is often coupled with rodeo fever as the National Finals Rodeo is in town. Some venues capitalize on this crossover such as with the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show at the convention center. Several Vegas shows do holiday themed shows. Ventriloquist/impressionist Terry Fator is taking it all the way and fully catering to rodeo fans with “A Country Christmas.”

If you’ve seen his regular show at The Mirage, expect the same cast of puppet characters including country singer Walter T. Airdale. The premise is Walter needs some cheering up for the holiday season so Fator’s other puppets are trying to boost his spirits by singing the beloved country Christmas tunes he is missing. Expect appearances by cool crooner Julius, Elvis impersonator Maynard Thompkins, the big-voiced Emma Taylor, divalicious Berry Fabulous, hippie neighbor Duggie, Vikki the Cougar and Fator’s America’s Got Talent partner, Winston the Talking Turtle.

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