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New Silverton Tower Definitely Maybe Back To Being Timeshares

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
July 27, 2015 at 4:59 PM | by | ()

Alright then, you've heard the news but don't be too sad as we are still publishing through Friday.

Ongoing construction at Silverton Hotel Casino, near the Blue Diamond Road exit of Interstate 15, is now clearly visible to people arriving into Las Vegas from California. As the new edifice tops off with eye-catching signage, the tower itself adds more reasons for head-scratching. Apparently the back-and-forth purpose of the 20-story addition has reverted to “timeshares”.

And once again we're left wondering..."Why?".

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Just One Dish: Crab Rangoon at WuHu Noodle

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
July 20, 2015 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

Sometimes, a full restaurant review just won't do. Perhaps, there wasn't time for an A-Z meal. Maybe we just don't want to spoil it all. Or, a dog ate our good pictures. There may still be that one dish worth writing about. A new one, an old one. A newsworthy one or a memorable one (for better or worse). It might be the one dish, or drink, out of the whole experience that gets us to return. Or, stay away.

They call it WuHu Noodle but my favorite dish at the Silverton's new easy Asian eatery doesn't have any noodles in it. In fact, it's not even an entree. It's an appetizer we all know, but this one was done just a little differently and that's all it took to make something so ordinary so extraordinary.

Cut back to college. In between Rice-A-Roni and spaghetti and ketchup dinners, once in a while I'd splurge. The most bang for my buck were those Chinese takeout specials. You know, the $6.99 meals they advertise with coupons on the menu? The ones with two entrees, fried rice and the app of your choice? That is where I first discovered crab rangoon.

Wrapper, interior, sauce. The thing is, up until I tried WuHu's, they all tasted pretty similar. Not that the average fried cream cheese wonton concoction isn't already tasty. But changing it up just a bit sure goes a long way.

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Woohoo! WuHu Noodle is Now Open at Silverton

July 6, 2015 at 12:53 PM | by | ()

While construction on the new tower at the Silverton Casino Hotel continues, there's something new for guests to experience right now inside the original building--WuHu Noodle.

The noodle joint opened last week with an "interactive parade" through the casino featuring dancers doing a traditional lion dance, accompanied by Buddhas, drummers, cymbalists and a gong player. After a blessing, the 44-seat restaurant was officially opened for business.

The menu is full of authentic Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine items such as Pad thai and roasted duck, Singapore Style Noodles, Shu Mai and Dim Sum. But what it's not full of is paper. Ok, that was a lame joke, but the menus at Wuhu Noodle are actually electronic menus that diners can peruse while waiting in line.UPDATE: We have copies of the menu below. The restaurant also has some gluten-free options, which are not listed on this copy.

The restaurant (and its menu) has yet to make the Silverton website but if you're searching for noodles at Silverton, WuHu is located on the casino floor sandwiched in between Johnny Rockets and Starbucks. WuHu Noodle is open for lunch, dinner and "expedited service" if you're in a rush.

[Photos: VegasChatter]

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Silverton Hotel Expansion Rises High

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
June 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

Late in 2013, VegasChatter reported on a proposed two-tower expansion at the off-Strip Silverton Hotel Casino. We were positively flummoxed that the dual 20-story towers would be timeshare units (we love timeshares almost as much as the hawkers who chase us around the casinos).

Well, we’ve heard little to nothing about this project in the intervening year and a half, so we decided to check out the construction site this past Memorial Day weekend. (Actually, we were there to enjoy a few late-morning cocktails at the inexpensive Seasons Buffet Bellini Brunch.) Sho ‘nuff, a tower has risen from the massive Silverton parking lot. And it appears to be well on course for a planned early-2016 unveiling.

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The Loosest Slots In Vegas Aren't Where The Tourists Are

April 22, 2015 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

This is the 22nd year Casino Player magazine has released national results for loosest slots in America. They gather public slot information from various local gaming commissions for a 12-month period and report where the casinos with the loosest slots can be found.

Without going too deep into the definition of "loose slots", a term created by Casino Player, the looser the slot machine, the more money it returns to players. Loose slots doesn't mean the player has an advantage. The casino still has a house edge, but looser slots offer better returns. While there isn’t public information on which specific machines offer the best returns, this research is still helpful by pointing players in the right direction.

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Check-Out Folio: Penn and Teller For Free, SLS Wants 18 Plus, And More

April 10, 2015 at 7:21 PM | by | ()

There's a lot of sh*t that happens in Vegas and not all of it can make it on our site as a full report. So, every Friday, we take note of some of the smaller announcements around town that may be of interest, too. Here's the rundown for the week of April 6:

WuHu at Silverton: The off-Strip hotel-casino will add a new restaurant, WuHu Noodle, this June.

Presented without comment: SLS is hosting an 18+ pool party Thursday, April 16 at Foxtail. Doors will open at 8 p.m. for what's being called "the sexiest new pool club in Sin City."

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Silverton Hikes Resort Fee Again

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Rd. [map], 89139
February 10, 2015 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Just five months after reeling in a resort fee hike, Silverton has a new catch for overnight guests.

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Updating Some Poker Rooms Around Town

January 15, 2015 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

The Silverton poker room.

An empty poker room, a soon to be closing poker room, and an electronic poker room highlight this look at what's currently going on in the Las Vegas poker landscape. Shuffle up and deal!


The poker situation at Silverton has pretty much been in limbo for the past two years. The off-Strip property's room closed back in early 2012 only to pop back up near the end of 2012 as part of Cantor Gaming's new sports book. Word was the cards would start flying once the sports book opened, but that day came and went and the poker room has yet to see any action. A recent visit to Silverton confirmed that, yes, the five-table poker room is still there in all of its painfully bright red glory, but it still is not open for business.

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Great Cash Back Promotion From CG Technology (Cantor) Sportsbooks

December 1, 2014 at 1:20 PM | by | ()

The sportsbook operator formerly known as Cantor Gaming and now known as CG Technology has a pretty great cash back promotion. They’ll refund 5% (up to $5,000) of net losses from wagers of $100 or more. The caveats are that bets must be placed through your CG Technology account (not in person) and that only sports wagers will qualify. And no, it's not limited to new members only.

Here are specifics on how the promotion works:

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Silverton Reels In Another Resort Fee Hike (But, We're Kinda Ok With It)

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
October 13, 2014 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Where once it had a tiered resort fee, Silverton has rolled out a one rate fits all (accommodations) policy.

The off Strip casino-hotel used to charge $4.99 for standard rooms and $9.99 for its suites. Now, the resort fee is a flat $9.99 (not counting tax), no matter the spaciousness of your room type. The policy change quietly went into effect September 1. Here's what the website says guests receive for their money:

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Where To Find Loose Slots In Vegas

May 1, 2014 at 7:57 PM | by | ()

As part of our search for the best gambling odds, we constantly seek the best blackjack, craps and video poker games. Generally, slot machines aren’t high on the list for gamblers seeking the best odds in a casino. Slot machine payback is referred to in a different language. People aren't looking for slot machines with the smallest house advantage. They're looking for loose slots. Loose slots have the highest returns (yay) while tight slots have the lowest (boo).

So, where can you find the loosest slots in Vegas? Exactly where you think and probably not where you visit. The second best slot machine returns in the country are found just off the Vegas Strip. Off Strip casinos like The Orleans, Hard Rock, Palms and Silverton have slot machines that return 94.64% of the money played.

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Dollar Here, Buck There: Three More Resort Fee Bumps

March 17, 2014 at 2:34 PM | by | ()

Las Vegas continues to nudge those hated resort fees higher and higher.

Since our annual guide to resort fees dropped in mid-Janaury, five hotels (Palms, Quad, Flamingo, Bally's, Plaza) have increased their nightly charges while one Downtown Vegas holdout (El Cortez) switched gears and joined the fee frenzy.

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