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'Spiegelworld Sues The Cosmopolitan for Sabotaging Vegas Nocturne'

August 6, 2014 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

Spiegelworld has once again become the talk of the town, but this time, not for its masterful productions but rather for what is happening behind the curtain. The startling headline above is straight from a just-released announcement that alleges The Cosmopolitan sabotaged the much raved about, but recently closed Vegas Nocturne production. Here is the full press release, word for word:

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Vegas Nocturne Is Absinthe On Steroids... In A Tux

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV [map], 89109
January 24, 2014 at 10:01 PM | by | ()

A tale in three cantos. Sounds like a child's fable, doesn't it? Well, this is no fairy tale, just a product of wild imaginations. Chances are you'll be hard-pressed to describe what you've seen (or the venue where it unfolds). Or, in some cases, just not want to. Called Vegas Nocturne, the three part show at Rose.Rabbit.Lie., is the entertainment portion of Cosmopolitan's self-proclaimed "grand social experiment."

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Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Gives Us The One Thing We've Been Missing In Vegas

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
January 24, 2014 at 5:22 PM | by | ()

It drove us freakin' bananas.

What the heck was a Rose.Rabbit.Lie.? Why did it have to be a big riddle? And, why couldn't we find out more through a bit of devious good ol' fashioned sleuthing? Even our invitation to a pre-opening preview at the Cosmo produced more questions than answers. Ok, we received no real answers.

It was flabbergasting. In the Las Vegas of today, there are no such things as secrets. There are no unknowns, anymore. Just look at the posts that fill this site. The Internet and anonymous tipsters reveal all long before there's an official 'coming soon' press release, let alone opening. So, when VegasChatter was invited to experience Rose.Rabbit.Lie. for ourselves, we had not a clue as to what to expect. Hell, we didn't even know how to dress and felt compelled to ask for advice.

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At The Cosmo, A Glimpse Into Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

December 25, 2013 at 5:47 PM | by | ()

At The Cosmopolitan, two towering doors steps from the entrance of Wicked Spoon are not attracting attention just yet. This writer, in fact, garnered more attention by simply photographing them. Passersby surely wondered just what was so remarkable about a set of unmarked doors. At this time, the answer is nothing. Despite their size, the doors still come across as discreet. And, a lack of signage, for now at least, fails to give folks looking to ease their hunger, or the newly sated, pause.

This Christmas Eve, an invitation to step beyond the threshold of Rose.Rabbit.Lie., the mysterious grand experiment opening soon at The Cosmo, proved a temptation impossible to resist. Upon entering, the unexpected, presented itself immediately. Beyond doors, doors. An intimate, angular antechamber was filled with one identical doorway after another. Seven, in all; not counting the one I'd just passed through. Only one, however, would be opened as a holiday treat.

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Rose.Rabbit.Lie To Get The Spiegelworld Treatment With 'Vegas Nocturne'

November 1, 2013 at 6:29 PM | by | ()

New details have emerged about The Cosmopolitan's mysterious new nightclub, er.. "social experiment" Rose.Rabbit.Lie and if you're a fan of Absinthe at Caesars Palace, we think you're gonna like it.

Spiegelworld, the folks who produce Absinthe, have signed up to run the anchor entertainment for Rose.Rabbit.Lie which will be called Vegas Nocturne. Here's how Spieglworld's Ross Mollison describes it:

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Why You Should Be Jealous Of NY For Stealing Absinthe's New Show, Empire

May 15, 2012 at 4:52 PM | by | ()

The next Absinthe/Spiegelworld production, Empire, teased us with a Vegas one-night stand and has now run off to New York. Charming. We'd heard rumors of a longer set of previews, maybe near the Smith Center? But, no, in the Caesars Palace tent, a one-off, one-night, very partial-dress rehearsal of this all-new show. A momento mori, it appears, of nostalgia for a crumbling and decadent New York City that has been lost to the current more sanitized Big Apple.

We say appears. This was not the final version. And much of the context from elaborate costumes, signs and, well, a playbill, were not around. They'd been shipped ahead to New York. It was an occasionally ramshackle process. A bizarro entrance fiasco befell audience members that may have been a ploy to help us re-enact August heat on Manhattan's 14th Street subway platforms. To get us in an Empire state of mind? There were false cues and false starts. They were understandably not finished with the tweaks. It was a suitably tenacious and not yet totally ready for primetime show. They warned us that ahead of time. And it was still absolutely brilliant.

The Gazillionaire introducing his latest show.

All the pictures here should NOT be considered approved previews of what you will ultimately see near Times Square. These scenes are missing lighting, costumes, etc, etc. But, by the time it reaches New York, if Empire improves just 10% on the show we saw, we should all be very jealous the East Coast has full possession of this production.

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Absinthe Previews Its Next Production, Empire, In A Vegas Back Alley (Naturally)

May 7, 2012 at 12:12 PM | by | ()

Not content to wallow in his vast fortune and copious charm, Absinthe supremo, The Gazillionaire, has created a new show that's heading to New York City. Times Square! (-ish. It'll be on 45th St.)

Gaz, Penny, Melody and the gang will be sticking with us at Caesars Palace, but it's off to the Big Apple for Empire, an all new SpiegelWorld production.

Is this a sequel to Absinthe? A rival? A second show to see the world, then settle in Las Vegas? Too early to tell. But, a sneak preview was given by the team as part of First Friday, the monthly Downtown and Arts District fun fest. And what better place to preview one of the finest acrobatic acts in the world, than on a makeshift stage in a disused back alley?

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