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Vegas Survivor In The South Pacific

September 14, 2011 at 12:58 PM | by | ()

Tonight the sun sets on the Big Brother compound forever. Or at least until next season when Chen-bot turns the cameras back on. In tonight's finale amongst the final three, Rachel, the red headed contestant with Vegas ties, still has a shot to win. But before the world will find out if anyone gets between half a million and her man - sorry, fiance fiance fiance, another Las Vegas contestant will make her prime time debut.

The 23rd season of Survivor starts tonight from the South Pacific and 27 year old Elyse Umemoto of Vegas throws her hat into the ring for a shot at a million bucks. She's identified as a dance team manager for an undisclosed show, club, school, or party pit. Wherever she works, we expect her to be able work a bikini to her benefit.

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