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A Night At Silver Sevens

Where: 4100 Paradise Road [map], 89169
August 20, 2013 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

Last week, we shared some of the disappointing changes to the dining options at Silver Sevens hotel and casino. This week, key card in hand, we jaunt further within the property and explore the property's renovated premium guestrooms.

Silver Sevens is located just a mile east of The Strip at Paradise and Flamingo, across from the Hard Rock. Like the Gold Coast on the west side, Silver Sevens is a locals-oriented casino that isn't far from the action of Las Vegas Boulevard. Some visitors even opt to make the trek on foot, although this isn't recommended during the blistering summer heat. As expected, the Off Strip location allows for considerable discounts on room rates. This writer booked a weekend stay at under $50 per night, while most hotels on The Strip were starting at twice that.

Checking in, even on a Friday afternoon, was painless. The registration area and player’s club share a single space. This set-up would be a disaster at any mega-resort on The Strip, where lengthy registration lines typically greet soon-to-be-frustrated visitors. With just 330 rooms and an efficient staff, Silver Sevens is able to keep waits to a minimum. As I selected my room preferences, I was treated to an entertaining dispute regarding a player’s club promotion at the next counter over. An elderly gentleman claimed he had driven 45 minutes to get here because he was promised $5 in free slot play, which he was now being denied. He was demanding to speak with the general manager regarding the issue. I got my keys before it was resolved and left wondering what type of vehicle he had that allowed him to make a 90-minute round trip for $5 and come out ahead.

Upon entering my third-floor room, I was welcomed with some complimentary banana-flavored cookies that had been left on the desk. Not quite up to DoubleTree chocolate chip standards but, nevertheless, an appreciated treat. Aside from the cookies, the room appeared identical to one I had stayed in six weeks ago, just prior to the re-branding from Terrible’s to Silver Sevens. Only the desk flyer advertising the dining options had been updated. This was not surprising, however, as the premium rooms were renovated less than two years ago and are still in excellent condition.

The Terrible's flyer (left) featured a much greater selection of dining specials than the current ad (right).

My single king room was well furnished. The 42” wall-mounted TV was among the best I've seen in a room below $100. The desk was fine to work at and I love that they provided an actual rolling office chair. From my experience with the budget hotel market in Vegas, it seems as if desk chairs are an afterthought and they typically end up throwing in whatever random chair they can find. This leads to a real mismatch, in which chairs are the wrong height or width, or are completely inappropriate for use at a desk.

The bedding was all new and the mattress perfectly comfortable. The pillows were a bit too thick for my liking, but that wouldn't stop me from visiting again. Bedside lamps had built-in power outlets, a very convenient touch. Beside the TV was a beautiful panoramic photograph of The Strip. Blackout curtains over the windows hid the view which, in my case, was of a parking lot. During my previous stay, I had a poolside view. It’s a bit noisier during the day, though, so avoid that side if you prefer to sleep late.

The bathroom area is split in two with the sink separated from the bedroom area by a frosted glass window. The sink and countertop here were included in the renovation and were up to the standards of the rest of the room. The remainder of the bathroom, unfortunately, was lacking. The fixtures all functioned properly, but were very basic and worn. I did appreciate the curved shower bar, which allowed some breathing room to move around under the disappointingly low shower head. The tile was reasonably clean, but would be better off being replaced.

I called upon housekeeping to provide an iron and ironing board shortly after checking in. Silver Sevens offers these at no charge but, unlike most hotels, does not store them in guestrooms. While delivery was swift, I consider this a housekeeping blunder. The iron arrived looking as if someone had previously used it to take the wrinkles out of a cactus. I decided to test it out on a pillowcase. It warmed up fine, but once I set it down I found that whatever black substance was caked on the front was now melting. Sorry about your pillowcase, Silver Sevens, but next time don’t give out irons that were previously used to melt sneakers.

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As Silver Sevens, Terrible's Has Changed But Not For The Better

Where: 4100 Paradise Road [map], 89169
August 15, 2013 at 1:43 PM | by | ()

It’s been just over a month since Terrible’s officially became Tolerable’s Silver Sevens. With a month of scooter giveaways and $7.77 steak and lobster specials now in the bag, we thought it an appropriate time to check in. Our destination? The former Bougainvillea Café, a wallet-friendly restaurant with consistently slow service. Now operating as The Sterling Spoon Café, the décor has improved greatly. Has anything else?

On the way up, we snooped around for any lingering Terrible’s signage. Silver Sevens did a thorough job with the transformation in late June, prior to making things official, and everything from the door handles to the parking garage signs had been updated. We miss Mr. Terrible and hope he finds a nice home at the Neon Museum.

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Silver Sevens Officially Arrives, Along With A Resort Fee

Where: 4100 Paradise Road [map], 89169
July 2, 2013 at 3:42 PM | by | ()

We can say we were there. Yes, indeed, we even got the t-shirt. Silver Sevens officially, finally, took over Terrible's with a sign lighting last night. Rather, a marquee lighting. And, we witnessed the actual millisecond it happened. Want proof? Dig this:

As the primary emblem of the new image, name and outlook, it's actually really nice. And, it frequently changes color. It will even be themed for holidays. A nice clean vibe.

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Everything's Turning Up Silver Sevens at Terrible's

June 13, 2013 at 9:28 PM | by | ()

In searching for Silver Sevens a week ago, we came up empty. Today, we found it in spades.

@KLASphotogNICK tipped us off on Monday that signage for Terrible's new name was on the way up. This afternoon, we (more specifically, Richard Lane) found it fully installed on the off Strip casino's marquee as well as the front of its facade.

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Searching For Silver Sevens And Deals At Terrible's

June 7, 2013 at 4:47 PM | by | ()

It's not until July 7 -- the seventh day of the seventh month -- that Terrible's truly becomes Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino, but we get antsy about big changes and went looking to see what was different on Paradise.

Affinity Gaming's surprise re-branding of Terrible's has finished stripping all references from the exterior of the locals' favorite. It's now nameless. We also noted the valet sign had been removed. But, as you venture inside -- from the name on doors to the still awesome door handles -- we couldn't find anything inside that seemed noticeably refreshed. Yet.

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Is Terrible's New Name Terrible?

May 20, 2013 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

On Friday, Terrible's threw Vegas media for a loop with the announcement that it was changing its name. On the one hand, that means we won't automatically think of a gas station whenever someone mentions it to us. On the other hand, the new name is Silver Sevens which makes us think an AARP card may be needed.

A representative for Affinity Gaming, the parent company of the SS Terrible's, told Vegas Inc. that it "went with Silver Sevens because it has that vintage feel." Okkay. Vintage. Probably not the first thing you want folks to think of after you poured $7 million into a remodel.

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Terrible's Is Actually Anything But For NYE

Where: 4100 Paradise Road [map], 89109
December 17, 2012 at 7:39 PM | by | ()

This New Year's Eve, you may want to think about celebrating at Terrible's. And, no, we're not joking.

Terrible's is hosting its second annual Rock the Rooftop New Year's Eve 'soiree' on December 31. We didn't know about the first, but when we heard about this one, we were a bit skeptical of the view. Until we saw the photos. From the views shown above and below, you can see that Terrible's actually offers a pretty terrific view of the Las Vegas Strip skyline, and the fireworks display set to ring in the New Year.

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Nudge, Nudge. Wink, Wink. We'll Take The Special

January 26, 2012 at 1:14 PM | by | ()

Do you feel Mr. Lucky, punk?

Last week, we wrapped up where to satisfy those midnight munchies and committed it to midnight memory, that portion of the graveyard brain that goes on a mission once hunger strikes. After sinking our teeth into late night meals, VegasChatter fan thecosmicjester got us thinking about off-menu deals by reminding us of the unlisted steak special at Ellis Island: 10 ounce steak, potato, green beans, and a house-brewed beer for $9.99 (up from $6.95).

What other joints have off-menu deals that you need to be in the know to score? Where are the not-so-secret secret In-N-Out menus of Las Vegas? Here are a few deals peeled from our bargain brain that you'll need to ask for with a nudge, nudge and a wink, wink:

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This One Time, In Searchlight...

January 11, 2012 at 6:06 PM | by | ()

When we think of the Great West, we think of deserted roads with horses on the side, rolling tumbleweed and saloons. We came across this vision on our way to our day trip to Laughlin. The only town inbetween Vegas and Laughlin is the awesome little town of Searchlight. It's about one mile long (it's actually 13 miles square) and somehow has at least four different speed limits. Searchlight is most known for being the the hometown of Senator Harry Reid.

Searchlight is about 45 minutes from The Strip and, literally, the only place to fill up on gas, get food or use a restroom on the way to Laughlin. In fact, you can do that at Terrible's Casino, which has about 30 slot machines, 2 bowling lanes, a gas station, a McDonald's and even a robot cowboy greeter.

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