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Where Have All The Healthy Celebrity Headliners Gone?

March 23, 2012 at 6:07 PM | by | ()

What is in the water that celebs in Vegas are drinking these days?

Due to an illness, Celine Dion is down for the count until June. Elton John got socked with a bout of nasty food poisoning before a couple of his concerts last month. Some guy named John Mayer had to cancel a Vegas concert stop to undergo throat surgery.

Now, we've got word that Donny Osmond will be dropping out of the Donny and Marie Show at The Flamingo for a little while due to severely rough hands, er, vocal fatigue.

The show will still run, but it will be just Marie holding down the fort. She will be joined by other artists for the occasional duets so it's not going to be entirely about her, her wigs and her costume changes. Phew!

Now, we just hope Garth and Rod Stewart are sipping copious amounts of chamomille tea with honey and just, generally, taking it easy.