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Hakkasan Group To Drop $36 Million For Light Group

December 16, 2014 at 8:12 PM | by | ()

What was rumored over the weekend is now official.

Hakkasan Group will be able to use the tagline, "now with more oontz," come January when its purchase of Light Group for $36 mil is expected to be finalized. The buyout will mean the assimilation of Light nightclub at Mandalay Bay, 1OAK at The Mirage and The Bank at Bellagio, as well as the lounges and most of the restaurants under the Light Group domain.

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You Should Really Give MTO's Sunday Supper Series A Try

Where: 500 S Main St. [map], 89101
July 2, 2014 at 8:41 PM | by | ()

Downtown's MTO Cafe and chef/partner/mastermind Johnny Church have been organizing some extremely interesting multi-course meals. After nights of Mexican- and pork-inspired fare, they are putting on another of these acclaimed Sunday meals to showcase some of the early work that netted the chef his fame.

Chef Church serves up interesting twists on Americana breakfast/lunch favorites every day on Main Street before heading to Mandalay Bay to marshal the kitchen at RM Seafood/RX Boiler Room each night.

Yet, this is not enough for the workaholic! To satisfy his spontaneous cravings for pop-up dining and camaraderie with fellow Strip chefs, he started the monthly dining series, Sunday Suppers, at MTO.

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The Harmon Hotel's Glass Facade Being Stripped Away

June 19, 2014 at 6:34 PM | by | ()

While one Vegas hotel project proudly touts that it's on the fast track to completion another continues to quietly work towards its deconstruction.

As we first told you last week, demolition has finally begun of the failed Harmon Hotel, once destined to be a condo/hotel operated by The Light Group within CityCenter and now the site of disbelief as it slowly fades away into Vegas obscurity.

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MTO Cafe Serves Up Made-To-Order Goodness

Where: 500 S. Main Street [map], 89101
October 28, 2013 at 3:21 PM | by | ()

Downtown recently added another small restaurant to the mix, but it isnít on Fremont East. It only serves breakfast and lunch, but is isnít EAT. The chef is a proven draw, but he wonít be scowling or shouting at you. One of its founders is formerly of The Light Group, but don’t expect a celebrity DJ with your eggs. In fact, the new MTO Cafe goes for a retro comfort feel (think Hollywood diners of the 50s), and had us thinking of our Grandmaís specialties during a media preview last Tuesday, October 22. That hasnít happened in a long time.

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The More You Know: Connecting The Dots In Vegas

July 23, 2013 at 2:19 AM | by | ()

Recently, VegasChatter has shared stories of fed up Vegas fans who have ditched one hotel for another. And, while they were eventually happy, others were mystified because they had simply traded one resort for its sister property, meaning the parent company kept their money, either way.

Were these unsatisfied guests unaware? Especially in this age of third party booking sites where relationships between venues aren't as obvious? Or, might it be due to the fact that while this isn't the first rodeo for most Vegas visitors, 16 percent of tourists are still first timers to this town? Or, maybe in the case of the stories we highlighted (here and here) the guests did know, but simply didn't care?

We may never know the answer, but if you're uncertain of how the dots connect in Vegas, here's a handy primer:

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See The LIGHT At Mandalay Bay

May 28, 2013 at 2:25 PM | by | ()

We showed you a tour of Mandalay Bay's Daylight Beach Club, now let's head indoors and take a look at LIGHT. A co-venture between the Light Group and Cirque du Soleil we've been very curious about their promise of a whole new spectacle. We'd also hoped, by now, to have read some independent online reviews. Because we wonder what others are thinking.

You name a place LIGHT, you better have the visuals down. They have. Based on our limited preview, we believe this is the best lighting set-up in town. Particularly if you have a short attention span. They do not stop moving.

The DJ stands in the middle. Video displays completely cover the huge wall behind them and digital screens are even on the ceiling. Add lasers, etc. and you will be blinded in a good way. The Cirque factor comes from aerialists and dancers behind the screens on the wall. They can also fly in over the top of the crowd. We've not seen that part.

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Tour Daylight Beach Club At Mandalay Bay

May 24, 2013 at 6:48 PM | by | ()

From Daylight to Light to Eclipse, Mandalay Bay wants to be your new dusk-till-dawn nightclub destination. The club wars in Las Vegas hit the tipping point this weekend with the opening of the European-inspired Daylight Beach Club and the Cirque du Soleil-inspired club, Light. This may be the nightlife point of saturation for a dramatic year of Vegas resort shuffles and maneuvers.

We'll have an inside look at Light in another report, but here is pretty much every nook and cranny at Daylight.

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Bask In The Daylight This Summer At Mandalay Bay

Where: 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
March 5, 2013 at 2:44 PM | by | ()

In 'why didn't we guess this one' news, The Light Group has announced the name for its coming soon, already under-construction adult pool at Mandalay Bay and it is -- wait for it --


DAYLIGHT Beach Club is taking over the resort's auxiliary pool (referred to previously as the South or Landshark Lagoon). We first reported the news back in November. The pool experience will span 50,000 square feet and will offer "three wet decks," a vine-shaded stage (see below) for DJs and live acts, and six LED screens for your viewing pleasure. Its 'vibe' will be influenced by Mediterranean party spot, Ibiza:

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Step Into The LIGHT Starting April 26

February 7, 2013 at 10:38 PM | by | ()

You are not going to believe your eyes the first time you walk into LIGHT, the nightclub experience currently under construction in Mandalay Bay. We already knew that things were going to get Cirque-y (Cirque is partners with The Light Group in its creation), but now we're getting our first look at just what that means. And, that pretty much means you are not going to believe your eyes.

LIGHT released two renderings of the mind explosions that will happen once we step inside starting April 26. We can't even begin to tell you what to expect because we're still taking this all in ourselves. And, you haven't even seen the bigger versions yet. Head to our Facebook page to see these renderings super-sized. But, take a moment to prepare yourself, first. Here's how Cirque/Light Group explain it:

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Citizens To Bring 'Real Food' To 'Real People' By Month's End

January 16, 2013 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

The Light Group isn't dishing yet on the exact opening date for Citizens Kitchen at Mandalay Bay, a 24-hour "casual American bistro." But, it will say they're on target for an opening sometime during the last week of this month. Nor, is it revealing the full menu (aside from crab cakes, fried chicken and meatloaf). But, from new ads, it looks like the eatery, and its cuisine, won't just target club kids. Nor, encourage the use of silverware.

Marketing ads show a biker daintily eating a salad, an everyman going to town on some spaghetti and an everywoman enjoying a pastrami and sauerkraut sammy (we think). All have cocktails and none have forks. But, at least we know that napkins will be available.

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Work Underway On Mandalay's Other Adult Pool

January 7, 2013 at 2:09 PM | by | ()

Bagatelle Beach and Sapphire Pool won't be the only two new pool scenes in Las Vegas this summer. Rumor has it that Hakkasan will have a pool, too. And, a stop by Mandalay Bay this weekend found work was underway on their second adult pool.

As we reported back in November, the unnamed Light Group project will take over Mandalay's auxiliary pool known as Landshark Lagoon. An area now enclosed in tall, green privacy fencing although we did see construction equipment on-site and spotted demolition underway. Nearby landscaping has also been ripped out.

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Red Square To Reopen In A Week

December 3, 2012 at 12:30 PM | by | ()

The vodka will soon be flowing again at Red Square inside Mandalay Bay.

A walk by the recently shuttered bar-slash-restaurant revealed that a quickie renovation isn't being kept too tightly under wraps. The door was wide open and nothing covered the windows, either. When we pressed our nose up to the glass strolled by, a lone employee worked on the flooring. A sea of red still reigned inside.

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