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Pay to Play: MyVegas Continues to Push Out Free Users

July 9, 2015 at 4:17 PM | by | ()

It seems like every time we hear people talking about MyVegas, itís not because thereís good news. Devaluation of points, outright elimination of rewards, and added restrictions on those that remain are now regular occurrences. And, while a few vocal optimists continue to remind us that we can play for free, MyVegas isnít making it easy.

The three-rewards per 30-day period limit has been the biggest obstacle that free users face when attempting to cash in their points. Many players are caught by surprise, as the limit isnít well advertised. Even more hidden is the murky path to increasing oneís redemption limit. Making in-game chip purchases is known to bump the number to 4, 5, or even more, but MyVegas reps wonít clarify just how many purchases are required, or how much you need to spend, in order to get the desired result.

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The Cows, The DutchÖ Who Isnít Bringing New Fast Food to Vegas?

July 2, 2015 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

Earlier this year, we questioned the popularity of fast food dining in Vegas. We found that even after the novelty factor associated with a grand opening wears off, crowds will still line up for their favorite chain restaurants. In-N-Out proves that daily, as do more recent additions like White Castle and Steak Ďn Shake.

Vegas loves its food and fast-casual operators across the country have taken note. Itís no surprise that the nationís most popular chains continue to choose Vegas as home for their newest locations.

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Still No Winner: American Ninja Warrior Finals Return to Vegas Next Week

June 18, 2015 at 5:35 PM | by | ()

American Ninja Warrior, the impossibly-challenging Japanese obstacle course / game show that has yet to see a single winner, is back for season seven. Finals are once again being held here in Vegas, beginning the 24th. If watching amateur athletes slip, flip, trip, and inevitably wipeout sounds like your idea of fun, youíll be glad to know that audience admission is free during next weekís filming.

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At $200 Per Second, Is This the Most Expensive Entertainment in Vegas?

Where: 2771 Industrial Rd [map], 89109
June 11, 2015 at 12:36 PM | by | ()

Vegas is full of ways to burn through cash quickly. Losing a big sports bet or a go-for-broke hand of blackjack can part you and your cash very quickly. Spending big bucks on a fancy meal or bottle service experience can also lighten your wallet, but will hopefully last a bit longer and provide an opportunity to make some memories.

This writer likes to maximize the entertainment received for every dollar spent. Stage shows and concerts generally offer a cost and duration that Iím comfortable with. I shy away from things like betting big on individual games or spending large amounts on single drinks, as I donít feel like I get a good value when doing so. So when I came across some of the entertainment offerings from Battlefield Vegas, a shooting range not far from The Strip, I couldnít help but laugh.

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Another Day, Another Cosmo Rumor: This Time About a Poker Room

June 10, 2015 at 11:43 AM | by | ()

The World Series of Poker kicked off a couple a weeks ago which means Las Vegas is full of even more poker players than usual. The excitement for the WSOP seems even greater this year with the amount of poker players that came to town to take part in the record-breaking Colossus tournament.

Poker rooms all around town have been slammed and have had huge waiting lists. While this is great for players, this also gives dealers and hotel employees an excuse to chatter and spread some rumors.

Weíre could care less about rumors regarding the personal lives of poker players, but when a rumor about one of our favorite casinos is spreading, we have to pay attention. Last week, word started to trickle out that The Cosmopolitan would be opening a poker room this year.

The Cosmo has only vaguely teased plans for the property since Blackstone purchased the casino last year but weíre beginning to see some things trickle out. Which means this rumor may have some legs to stand on.

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Overpriced, Obscure, and Possibly Illegal: Riv Relics are Hot on Ebay

June 4, 2015 at 3:43 PM | by | ()

While Vegas residents had the opportunity to say goodbye to the Riviera in person, last monthís closing came a bit too quickly for many visitors werenít able to squeeze in a final visit.

The chance to stay or play has passed but, if you want to take home a piece of Vegas history, there are still a few days left during which you can get in and take part in the ongoing liquidation sale (ends June 7th).

Canít make it out? Really have your heart set on one of those rare items that were quick to go? Your best chance at picking up a Riviera treasure today is biting the bullet and paying the premium to get it on Ebay.

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Low Roller Casino Offers: Why Even Bother?

May 29, 2015 at 12:29 PM | by | ()

If youíve ever used a playerís card while gambling in a Vegas casino, chances are you have received an invitation to return and gamble again. Offers for free or discounted hotel rooms, complimentary meals, show tickets, and gaming credit will accompany such invitations, based on your level of play.

While high rollers see the most generous offers, gamblers with more modest budgets are the most likely to benefit from comp offers. A couple free nights and a meal or two on the house are often enough to spur an otherwise unplanned Vegas getaway. True low rollers have historically been ignored when it comes to casino marketing offers, and that might be for the best.

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For Affordable Fun This Summer, Don't Forget About The Dome

Where: 2880 Las Vegas Blvd. S [map], 89109
May 14, 2015 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

When people ask us what to do in Vegas, we always have to remind them about The Adventuredome. Maybe itís because you donít get a $5 dollar off coupon for it every time you check into a hotel (cough, cough, High Roller). Or, maybe itís because Circus Circus is all the way up in no manís land. The bright pink structure catches the eye, but unless youíre staying at Circus Circus or are rocking in Rio, thereís not much of a reason to be in the area. The ĎDome has been thrilling and chilling for more than twenty years, however, and thereís never been a better time to visit.

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We Donít Know Why, But These Hotels Really Want to Give You a Free Meal

May 7, 2015 at 12:38 PM | by | ()

Weíre not quite sure why, but summertime always seems to bring out hotel offers that are all about dining credit. We saw it last year, mainly at the Downtown hotels that donít contain pools, and suspected that it might be a way to compensate guests for the lack of an important summer amenity.

Now, many of last yearís deals are back, pool season is well underway, and quite a few new names are getting in on this type of offer as the summer season winds up. Whatís prompting these promotions now? Your guess is as good as ours, but weíre not going to complain about a free meal.

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Observations On Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops

Where: 89109
April 24, 2015 at 2:37 PM | by | ()

The long walk to the Strip entrance of Bally's has disappeared behind the recently(ish) opened Grand Bazaar Shops that nearly extend to Las Vegas Boulevard now. The first shops actually opened February 26, but it was a recent visit to Bellagio that spurred us to finally swing by the outdoor retail and dining shops.

Our first observation of the shops from across the street at Bellagio was how effective the Swarovski crystal starburst was at drawing our attention to the area in front of Bally's when lit at night. Our second was how easy getting there was. If Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston and Gucci are outside your budget these more wallet-friendly shops are a short walk over and down the pedestrian bridge connecting Bellagio and Bally's.

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Progressive Slot Machines Are Everywhere Now

April 24, 2015 at 1:39 PM | by | ()

You notice a lot of different things when walking through casinos every week. Sometimes, people catch the eye. Maybe, itís a drink. Maybe, itís something new on the floor. See something once and itís just another ship passing in the night. See it twice and maybe itís just a coincidence. See it everywhere and it's a trend.

Ever since writing about PowerBucks last year, I began noticing more and more progressive jackpots on slot machines. Megabucks, of course, is the big boy of all progressive slot machines in Las Vegas, with huge multi-million dollar jackpots available at just about every casino. Megabucks is interesting because of the jackpots but the games you can play leave something to be desired.

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Total Rewards Has A VIP Inflation Problem

April 16, 2015 at 3:04 PM | by | ()

Caesars Entertainment, still navigating its way through a bankruptcy years in the making, is gambling with one of the most valuable assets in the casino industry. You probably know that we donít mean the year old, $550 million dollar Ferris wheel. You might have guessed weíre talking about one of the mega resorts that line The Strip, but thatís not it. Itís the Total Rewards loyalty program, valued at more than a billion dollars, that is where all the action is.

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