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About The Bottled Water Included in the Resort Fee...

Where: 145 East Harmon Avenue [map], 89109
May 3, 2012 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

While we got upset the other month about yet another round of resort fee increases at MGM Resorts, we've been trying to contain our anger over such annoying per-day charges. After all, most all of the resort fees in town include internet access along with fitness center access and some various little perks like newspapers and bottled water.

But the other day during our stay at the Signature at MGM Grand, we could hardly contain our rage. The promised bottled water was nowhere to be found in the room.

When we inquired of the bottled waters during a room service delivery, the attendant told us that bottled water was no longer being offered in the room but that if we ask for it, we might be able to get it. Then she said she could see if someone could deliver a couple of bottles to us. Lo and behold, about 15 minutes later, two bottles of water arrived.

We took this to mean that the bottled water is included but you have to ask for it. Just another sneaky way for a hotel to charge you extra and at the same time, try to cut costs.

But we found out that bottled water has been removed from the resort fee amenities entirely.

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Debate Continues to Flow About Border Grill's Water Fee

December 2, 2011 at 8:38 PM | by | ()

Border Grill margarita: $11-$29. Border Grill water (unlimited): .50 cents.

Some people drink it at restaurants exclusively. Some ask for it as a backup for when their original beverage of choice runs dry. Some restaurants offer it as soon as you sit down, others only if you ask.

When it comes to water at restaurants, everyone -- and every business -- does something different. But, the one thing we've known for sure is that we'll either have to pay for a bottle or go the free route with tap. At least until we found out about Border Grill's water fee for not quite bottled water, not quite tap.

After discovering and writing about the .50 cent water fee earlier this week, the story (penned by East Coast Gambler) is now causing a groundswell of comments on the Internets. It caught the eye of Eater.com and Delish.com dished on it, too, with that piece alone garnering 96 comments and counting.

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