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Westgate Brings Vegas A New Kind Of 'Sexxy'... Or Does It?

Where: 3000 Paradise Road [map], 89109
February 10, 2015 at 8:46 PM | by | ()

Westgate Las Vegas (most recently known as LVH and the Las Vegas Hilton) unveiled its newest show to the media February 4 with the grand opening of topless revue, Sexxy. The 65-minute show featured producer and choreographer Jennifer Romas who is also a dancer in Westgate’s Purple Reign production and has a long list of dancing credits on her resume.

Since it was a media night, the tiny Shimmer Cabaret theatre where the show takes place was packed to capacity. I had high hopes and was optimistic for this show since it's received a lot of local buzz. It only took two numbers for that optimism to diminish. I am not on #TeamSexxy.

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Peepshow To Cover It Up For Good

July 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

Soon, there will be one less place to see boobies on The Strip.

After more than four years, Peepshow has announced that its last show will take place on September 1. Current headliner Coco will make sure the 'striptease spectacular' keeps its breast, erm, best foot forward at Planet Hollywood through to the end. Which is really the breast.. umm.. best case scenario for fans of boobie this long-running stage production. A 30 percent off web special even brings the price of a ticket down to about Coco's bra size. Seems fitting to us.

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Seven Vegas Acts You Can Meet And Greet

June 3, 2013 at 8:20 PM | by | ()

Part of the fun of a trip to Vegas is seeing celebrities in action, whether it's on stage, in the club, or at the blackjack table. No doubt, some sightings are more graceful than others.

While many interactions are unofficial and the result of being at the right place at the right time, you can also guarantee a meet-and-greet with Vegas performers should you feel inclined to pony up a little extra dough. Various acts from the likes of Boyz II Men to David Copperfield offer packages that allow fans the chance to shake hands. Here's seven Vegas acts that don't mind seeing fans up close and personal as long as you don't mind parting with a bit more cash:

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Coco Loves Vegas, Too

February 22, 2013 at 7:38 PM | by | ()

Everyone's excited about this one.

Ice loves Coco, Vegas loves Coco and Coco loves everyone back.

Reality starlet Coco has agreed to let us keep peepin' her Peep in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood for another four months. That extends her residency through July 28. Coco took over for a preggers Holly (due soon) back in December. And, we quickly named her our fave Vegas celeb of 2012. Of course, instant scandal didn't hurt.

Right now, you can catch Coco Sundays through Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. at PHo.

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Favorite Vegas Celebrity of 2012

December 31, 2012 at 8:14 PM | by | ()

We know. She's been in town for all of a month. But, the curv-licious Coco is the celeb we've most enjoyed stalking in 2012. And, no, it's not just dat ass. Or, those DDs. Although, we're not complaining.

No, we love Coco as much as Ice does because she keeps it real. Or, at least realer than most reality divas. And, with the exception of two of her breast, err, best points. But, we digress. She loves herself and isn't afraid to show it. Or, rather show it off. And, man, does she flaunt it. Now, almost nightly on the Vegas stage in Peepshow.

Is Coco the most amazing performer on The Strip? Certainly not. But, she's not expecting to be. Nor, are we expecting it of her. We're just in search of a good time and she wants to give us one. And, if you're clued in to that, you'll heart her as well. In just over 30 days, she's brought us a new look at an old show, a new Vegas mistake to be scandalized about, has already hit up the Goretorium, and is set to ring in New Year's Eve with Ice at LAX. Looks like she's settling in just fine.

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Peepshow Offers Extended Peeks At Coco At Planet Hollywood

December 18, 2012 at 7:27 PM | by | ()

Coco has arrived. Peepshow has a new Bo Peep. And, she might cause you to forget Holly Madison.

Model, dancer and wife of Ice T, Coco Austin is dancing up storm on a Planet Hollywood stage and it's a gimmick that might pay just pay off.

Peepshow's striptease spectacular has been running since 2009, through professional tempests and cast and production changes. It's a sometimes campy mix of dance song, comedy and, of course, beaucoup burlesque. The plot, as it is, traces main character Bo Peep on a personal journey. Not from Milan to Minsk, but through a series of set pieces featuring a fairy tale theme and Coco's transformation as "a timid girl who is guided by the Peep Diva in her transformation into a confident, sensual woman." It's a stretch. But, at least they know it.

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Calm Down, Peeps: Coco Is Back Tonight

December 14, 2012 at 2:19 PM | by | ()

Ok, everyone. Just breathe deeply. It's all going to ok. Ice had a tiff with Coco. Coco skipped on peeps(how) to go went to New York to see Ice. (See update below.) Ice probably laid down some law and order. (You knew we couldn't resist that.) And, tonight, she's back in the saddle corset on the Peepshow stage once again.

Recently, VegasChatter asked Coco about her Vegas, where she likes to hang when it comes to dining, dancing, relaxing and more. Ultimate fans intent on scoring a photo or an autograph, if you can't track down Coco in Vegas now, there's not much more we can do for you. Here's Coco's world, right now:

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Did Ice Tweet Coco's Peepshow Salary?

December 11, 2012 at 8:43 PM | by | ()

Over the weekend, Coco learned that the whole 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' thing is one big lie. She was put on blast for taking some snuggly pics with a rapper in Vegas who wasn't husband Ice T.

Ice found out, checked her on Twitter, then later deleted his tweets. Coco heard about the uproar and put out a few tweets of her own, including an apology:

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It's Coco's World, And Planet, Now

November 27, 2012 at 8:51 PM | by | ()

Coco is in the building at Planet Hollywood. And, soon to be in the bustier.

The buxom new star of Peepshow rehearsed with her cast mates for the first time yesterday as her Vegas debut nears. We here at VegasChatter are also limbering up for Coco's Peepshow run, set to begin this Monday, December 3. We've been practicing widening our peepers as far as they'll go. Next up, increasing the length of time between blinks.

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Show Openings: Two Souls, A Grand Arrival, And One Sore Butt

November 13, 2012 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

You put your right boob in...

Coco took one step closer to filling out the Bo Peep baby blues Monday after completing her first day of rehearsal. On her Facebook page, she announced that she danced in ballroom heels for six hours and needs to put some pads in them shoes because man, do (her) feet hurt!! She also fills us in that her signature butt is sore from moving her whole body all day with just ten minute breaks.

The aching we feel we can understand but, after watching her butt dance in its own time zone standing still, we expected that Coco booty to be born to shake. Coco observers have noted that she's lost weight, but we aren't sure if that might result in more Bo or less Peep. Regardless, we've been rattling our brain trying to recall the sheep herders of Peepshows past dancing in high heels. Walk, walk, pillow, pillow, strip, strip, shake, shake. Nope, dancing isn't what we recall.

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See Peepshow, Minus Holly, For More Than Half Off

October 26, 2012 at 7:39 PM | by | ()

Holly has left Peepshow for bikini photo ops, but the show, as they say, must go on.

Angel Porrino formerly of Holly's World (and, can someone tell us why an ad for that show is still on planethollywood.com?) has left her bubble over at Absinthe to take up the crook at PH instead. But, only until curvy Coco Austin sashays her DD's into the spotlight starting December 3.

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First Peek Of Coco As Bo Peep

October 11, 2012 at 11:00 PM | by | ()

Why should Joan Rivers have all the fun? Time for our first ever round of b*tch stole my crook. Tell us, who wears Bo Peep best?

Coco appearing in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood beginning December 3 and who just released our first look at her in the role of shepherdess.

Or, Holly Madison departing the show on October 21 for motherdom and things as seen on TV?

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