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Nightclub Lifestyle Inspires 'Urban Farm Stand' In Vegas

Where: 9500 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 110 [map], 89123
September 26, 2014 at 3:05 PM | by | ()

Getting crazy in Vegas is great while you’re doing it, but when you get back to the "real world"? Not so much. We’ve walked past those oxygen bars and haven’t needed to schedule a visit from Hangover Heaven or hop a ride on the Hangover Bus... yet. While this VegasChatter writer generally leans towards the healthier side of Vegas fun, I've been known to party hearty, too; so, I was definitely interested when invited to check out the remedies offered at Juice NV.

Located just a little southeast of McCarran Airport off I-215, Juice NV takes a natural approach to recovery, turning local produce into bottles of power-packed nutrition. Chef Jermaine Jonas opened the concept this summer and calls it Las Vegas' first "urban farm stand." He used the wild lifestyle of Las Vegas as an inspiration for creating a menu of refreshers, super foods and plant-based drinks designed to fuel people on an extreme Sin City schedule.

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Top Notch BBQ The Restaurant Exceeds All Expectations

Where: 9310 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 124 [map], 89123
February 19, 2013 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

The Top Notch BBQ restaurant has a lot to live up to. The Top Notch BBQ truck made some of the best BBQ anywhere in the states and our expectations were high. In theory, the restaurant should only make things better since we could comfortably sit and eat everything fresh. Well, the theory was 100% correct. Yowza!

Pulling up to Top Notch BBQ, we were greeted by the smoker that we've come to recognize from being outside of the Top Notch BBQ truck. There are some comforts in familiarity. If the meat was still smoked the same way it was on the truck, we expected to be in for a great lunch. Lunch did not disappoint.

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Vegas 'Thing' You May Not Know About: Celebrity Karaoke at Bootlegger's

Where: 7700 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89123
February 3, 2012 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

It's easy to focus on all things new while waving goodbye at the old. We bet there's still plenty long-time fixtures around Vegas you still didn't know about. It's not just sh*t you may have missed this month but sh*t you may have missed over the years.

Karaoke seems to be the new dueling pianos but one restaurant has been consistently firing up the karaoke mic for years now. Kelly Clinton hosts Celebrity Karaoke at The Bootlegger located on the Strip just minutes south of Mandalay Bay. Ms. Clinton is also known as Mrs. Clint Holmes and the original Nancy in Shades of Sinatra, but on Monday nights she is the karaoke queen.

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Dickey's Has Something Hot 'n Spicy For You

Where: 7430 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89123
January 19, 2011 at 1:44 PM | by | ()

If you don't think you can find good, low-cost meals in Vegas, you don't know dick. No, really, you don't know Dickey's - a lip-smacking BBQ joint on The Strip, just not the part you're likely familiar with. (In fact, some mode of wheeled transport is suggested. Unless, you really want to work off those pounds before and after your visit. And, you think pain should come with gain.)

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Need Some Reading Material for the Flight Home? Hit Up Plaza Books

Where: 7380 South Eastern Avenue [map], 89123
November 4, 2009 at 5:58 PM | by | ()

This is a fact that always seems to surprise visitors (at least the ones we’ve dealt with) - that we have bookstores in Las Vegas at all! Seriously though, if you’re in need for a literature fix, then you can surely find some good stuff at Plaza Books, one of the best bookshops in the city.

Okay, so you didn’t come here to necessarily go on a book hunt, but you’ve already read this much so please continue! The array of material is just what you’d expect: a good stock of used paperbacks, solid selection of fine, first-edition hardbacks with an emphasis on classic literature and modern firsts, rarities and out-of-prints, and in our opinion, the best in the city for solid, academic books on cinema and theater.

Owner Anne DeVere is coming up on 15 years with her beloved business, and she’s got the savvy of presentation down with her use of proper use of space, emphasis on clean, well-labeled aisles, some comfortable seating and easy navigation throughout the premises. Add in other bonuses such as search services, appraisals and generally uber attentive assistance from Anne and her employees...well, you really can’t go wrong with this charmer.

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It’s Still Classic Vegas on the Strip with The Bootlegger

Where: 7700 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89123
May 20, 2009 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Owned by former Lt. Governor of Nevada Lorraine Hunt, the Bootlegger Italina Bistro sits on the South end of the Strip (about a five minute drive from Mandalay Bay) and is one of the few remnants of old-time Vegas as you might want to experience.

Although the Bootlegger has been sitting at this location since only 2001, Hunt’s parents Al and Maria Perry, have been mainstays of the city’s culinary scene since the early ‘50s, and they bring that since of history to The Bootlegger.

Not that you’ll see a Frankie imitator or his cohorts finger-snapping their way through the restaurant aisles when you step in here, but the lounge acts, notably the jazz and big band performers that play on the weekend to a consistently packed crowd, really offers the patron a genuine, yesteryear feel.

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